Cops raid free poker tournament


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  1. JuliANSR says:

    What about Church Raids on Bingo night, one wonders since there are prizes involved there as well and the Florida law would call that gambling…well there is a loophole… if it is a charity sponsored bingo event.

    Where have we gone wrong that we even needed a “Legal Bingo” Loophole?

  2. vance_tam says:

    America went wrong when it allowed power hunger scum-sucking bastards to run for office instead of appointing people who weren’t grasping for power, control, and money.

  3. Michael Rosefield says:

    Christ, what assholes

  4. Good thing the fine folks at Reason 

  5. The person responding to me totally agrees with, like, Hitler and stuff.

  6. shit, poker for money is illegal?

  7. Just_Ok says:

    Maybe they thought it was something like a Free Tibet game or something.

  8. Dave Lloyd says:

    As the article says, “If they’d received a phone call or a cease and desist order, they would’ve stopped” (let alone the fact that this has been going on for years, openly advertised on the web) but instead masked riot police with weapons drawn are sent with no warning.
    f the response by your authorities is absolute even to borderline illegality, then you really are living in a police state.

  9. Lexicat says:

    What institutional changes to state and local police law and regulation would have fewer police running amok on an authority-over-seeking rage and fewer people clamoring to shoot the pigs, and instead would have more people valuing the work done by the police in our states and local communities?

    • lafave says:

       stop giving them assault rifles, lrads, water cannons, etc.  Actually punish police misconduct. Direct the police to stop referring to the public as “civilians”   As austerity is imposed from above, they’ll need their attack dogs, however. So don’t look for any institutional changes other than: it’ll get worse.

    • Rindan says:

      Punish police misconduct by kicking people out and adding jail on top of it.  Punish people that cover police misconduct by kicking people out and adding jail on top of it.  If you have a video where police say one thing happened and something else happened, fire not only the person doing the “something” but everyone that backed them up.

      The police need a culture where law is the highest priority, not protecting each other from the law.  Failing that, they at least need a fear of the law like the rest of us poor sucker citizens.  We should treat police like the way they treat suspects, fire first, ask questions later.

      • eldritch says:

        I’m not convinced jailing offending LEOs would accomplish much. The prison system has plenty of loopholes and abuses already. If career criminals can manage to land themselves various absurd luxuries in prison, you can bet your ass that LEOs themselves will be able to achieve even more.

        Alas, the age in which men like Elliot Ness could exist is long gone…

        • mark says:

          Okay… I agree. We should shoot them. That will be preventative, right?

        • wysinwyg says:

          If career criminals can manage to land themselves various absurd luxuries in prison,

          I suspect you’ve been misled if you think prison in the US is a luxurious experience.

          • mistwolf says:

            Are you kidding? They get books! And television! And aren’t made to work hard labor for more than, like, 10 hours a day! Luxery! 

      • mark says:

        This. Exactly.

  10. Thorzdad says:

    I have to wonder how many off-duty cops might have been among the players? 

  11. Hugh Johnson says:

    Americas Wang.

  12. Petzl says:

    This is what happens when too much Homeland Security funds are sprinkled on a police department.  They have to justify their existence by using the equipment/manpower they bought with the money.

  13. Timothy Tankersley says:

    And then there’s this one, where a police officer befriended a guy and got him to up his friendly bets with his friends to over $2,000 (making them illegal). Then his house was raided by a SWAT team and he was shot dead. 

  14. nathanroberts says:

    In fact, the offense of keeping a gambling house is defined as, among other things, letting people use a place “to play for money or other valuable thing at any game whatever, whether heretofore prohibited or not.”

    If they ever film an episode of Jeopardy in the state of Florida, Alex Trebek will end up in jail.

  15. That_Anonymous_Coward says:

    They investigated for MONTHS…
    Any bets on someone getting pissed they didn’t win enough points to make the final round?

  16. donovan acree says:

    Under those laws, even a cakewalk would be illegal.

  17. traalfaz says:

    Apparently there’s very little real crime in Florida, if this is what they spend their time on.  Either that or the cops are so incompetent that they need to go after pillow-soft targets.

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