Halloween greetings from Antarctica


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  1. crantzbea says:

    I wonder, is there a way to find out what is the music behind this underwater video? My Google-fu is not strong enough, it seems.

    • Jim Bell says:

      It could be Henry’s own music. He’s an accomplished and influential guitarist.

    • According to my dad (the “hubert” from the video) – the audio is Henry’s.

    • crantzbea says:

      Okay I was able to contact the cellist. She is Danielle DeGruttola and the bass player is “Mark Manring” although I think she meant Michael Manring? She says that Henry will be releasing the music on a label but he hasn’t told her which one yet. I for one am looking forward to that!

  2. winkybb says:

    No, not 100% more sea anemones. As there are no sea anemones at all in the first picture, a meaningful percentage increase to that number can’t be calculated.

  3. obscurica says:

    Yeah, Henry is an awesome guitarist and huge influence.  He’s worked with everyone from Fred Frith to Euigene Chadbourne, and even did a Zoogz Rift cover album.   

  4. swlabr says:

    I had just thought that Henry Kaiser was some free-jazz guitarist until I I saw the fascinating Werner Herzog Antarctica documentary Encounters at the End of the World.

    I don’t usually care about DVD extras, but the under the ice random exploration with spacey guitar soundtrack is a really zen experience.

  5. DeWynken says:

    Man, I woulda been stepping on the ice for the first time had I agreed to go this year..but freezing to death at the bottom of the world isn’t my idea of how to best ride out the Apocalypse..and zombies in the snow..hard to run in a cold weather suit..

  6. Syn - says:

    Now i’ve got to see encounters at the end of the world again. 


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