Hurricane horse guy

It wouldn't be a legitimate hurricane without an almost-naked guy in a horse head costume running around during some poor local news person's live shot. This happened in DC. There's a GIF too. Update: This is the guy! Jimmy Kruyne of Washington, DC. He planned the whole thing, but didn't expect it to go viral. His tweeted triumphant self-portrait below.

He's okay but he's no Hurricane Bear.

(Thanks, Dean Putney, and David Pescovitz!)


  1. Bahaha! I can’t believe this made it to BoingBoing! this is my neighborhood in DC, right next to a new hot spot, the Boundary Stone. I would have joined the guy but I’m in Florida (soaking up the sunshine).

  2. “didn’t expect it to go viral”?
    then why do it in the first place? i just can’t believe the thought about going viral didn’t cross his mind.

  3. now when I hear them say ‘Hurricane Force Winds’ on TV, I think they’re saying ‘Hurricane Horse Wins!’

    i can live with that.

  4.  And so it begins.  The first of the horsemen of the apocalypse. 
    Jimmy Kruyne, harbinger of the Last Judgement.  

  5. Be he a horse or a bear, he receives nothing but scorn from the weather reporters.  AND YET THEY CAN’T SEEM TO PAN THE CAMERA AWAY

  6. It’s obvious, He is one of the 4 reverse centaurs of the anti-apocalypse. He has come to battle flood in the streets of NYC. 

  7. Look out! He’s gonna grab a bat or a lead pipe from the floor and before ythey can say Sandy all of the newsmen will be dead, mangled on the floor! 

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