This week's recap of The Walking Dead finally catches up with Andrea and Michonne -- and the Governor [SPOILERS]


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  1. RedShirt77 says:

    Why did the governor take a huge risk to kill a group of soldiers?  Because he is evil…   After sexing his concubine, why does he enjoy a glass of scotch and watching zombie heads in fish tanks.  Because he is evil….   Why is he so friendly?  Because he is evil…

     Its like the writers know how a story works and how dialog works but they have never actually met real human beings.  Were these guys sit com writers before this?

    • RedShirt77 says:

      Also, when having tea with a scientist, you think Andrea would remember being briefed by the CDC and relay what she remembered of that.

      • Jeff Rowe says:

        She never got told that everyone was infected, only Rick… and he didnt share with anyone until after they got ran off the farm… which is when she was sepreated from them. She knows the progression of the disease, but nothing about there not being a need to be bitten. What is weird to me is that Michone is the only one that figured out the Zombie/Zombie thing… hasn’t anyone considered taking a Zombie captive to see how long they can go without eating, etc…

    • Marc says:

      Tricking, outnumbering and then ambushing a small number of unsuspecting soldiers isn’t exactly a huge risk. 

      There was enough subtext, if you noticed, given to the Governor’s character and his actions that lead (present tense pronunciation, “leed”) to answers to these evolving questions. 

    • RedShirt77 says:

      Also, I think she just brushed over a whole bunch of dead friends with “and other people died..”  I mean, I count at least six mutual friends dead.

    • jclor says:

      Soldiers represent the kind of outside authority the Governor doesn’t want invading his little fascist paradise.  But, hey—guns and Humvees.  Luckily, Guv’s crew includes play soldiers who can make headshots with bows and a one-armed man with sniper-level rifle skills.

  2. scoobertron says:

    I just spent the whole episode looking out for spoons.

  3. PXL says:

    When you look back over the series as it stands so far, Andrea of any of the characters should have died a long time ago. And at the hands of survivors rather than walkers- she’s so gullible, and it’s really difficult for me to give a rat’s ass about what happens to her. For awhile there, Dale kind of directed her, then she had a teen-rebellion phase and went off with Shane, a bad and borderline crazy person. Now that she’s with Michonne and has arrived in Woodbury, clearly Michonne is the dumb one for being skeptical and nothing peculiar could possibly be afoot, because coffee and pancakes. Then she flirts with the Governor near the end of the episode, I guess because there’s not enough crazy in her life. 

    I get the Lori hate by fans of the show, but the character that drives me to distraction is Andrea.

  4. feetleet says:

    Thank you! Very well-spun for non-initiates. I haven’t read the series. I know I’m exactly the kind of guy the true believers are gonna hate. I understand enough to know Govna=dick, but I’m holding out hope that it’s not because of the new-Eve rape trope of 28dL8. That would be disappointing.

    Sci-fi/horror is thrilling because of its plausibility. A woman can shoot me in the face just fine. So post-apoc-man-god is getting stale. Sure, you can use a post-zomb dystopia to comment on the relationship between men and women as it exists now. But if the main genre draw is its proximity to our lives, then the king from Jitterbug Perfume is a strange string to pull.

    PLEASE tell me the Guv is pragmatico-machiavellian in a NEW way for the genre. I mean, don’t ACTUALLY tell me. It’s just a turn of phrase. 

  5. Green Ghost says:

    I think Andrea’s putting on an act. I think she knows things are not as they appear and figures it’s safer to act like she doesn’t know.

  6. Mark Vehec says:

    You are all insane. I clearly saw them feasting on scrambled eggs and tea. Where the hell do you get pancakes? And yeah, the Futurama hall of heads was awesome :-)

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