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    1. Nearly every time I have to help someone with their Windows PC, they still have it installed, even though Windows reads ZIPs natively.

      7zip is fantastic, though.

      1. FWIW, Windows reads zips natively, but I absolutely hate its handling of them. It treats them as folders and obscures the fact that you are in an archive. This might be a feature to some, but not to me. Also, access to advanced features are missing. Also: RAR.

  1. I’ve been using the sponsored (free) version of PDF995 every work day since the tail end of the Clinton Administration.  I really will send them their $29.95, one of these days.  God knows they’ve earned it.

  2. I actually bought the full version of WinZip 11 back in 2008, when the nag-screen made me feel guilty. Then they changed their payment pages so that they no longer accepted debit cards, and I had a handy excuse to never upgrade.

    1. When the time comes to install an archive utility on Windows, many people automatically think of WinZip (it has the perfect name going for it, if nothing else), even though it is nagware and better free alternatives exist.

  3. Altools’ AlZip is where it’s at.  It has a free trial which is fully featured and never expires.

    You can even open ISOs with it.

    1. 7Zip opens ISOs, too, though I prefer mounting them using the Pismo File Mount Audit Package. Free, not a trial.

  4. IZArc is my choice.  Looks almost like WinZip, and it’s still free. (It’s wrapped in OpenCandy now, but that’s easy to get around.)

    Now, WinRAR is something I might always need to keep around.  And paying $40 for it can wait.

      1. Yeah, what’s that all about?  It’s almost like a cartoon about a Windows file compression app started a conversation about Windows file compression apps.  How dare people discuss such things!

  5. One wonders at what point does a company say “There’s a totally free alternative to our product that works better and everybody knows about now, let’s just cut our losses and write this thing off.” At least Stuffit has the rationale that there are still .sit and .cpt archives floating around, but even there the expander is free. (I don’t think anyone is making any new Stuffit archives.) What’s WinZip’s reason to exist?

  6. I remember when Winzip rolled on the scene, I was like what happened to PKWARE.  I did a search, this was a long time ago so it was on Altavista and found an article (before Wikipedia) to read about Phil Katz’s demise.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Katz  So if anything I wish I registered the shareware version of PKZIP back in the 80s.  A school friend and I had our own shareware company and 3 people actually registered in  far away states. We got a request to be featured in a shareware mail catalog but didn’t respond in time.

  7. Terribly dated gag, but yes, I really did pay for winzip once back in the day. O_O
    I realized I used it daily and had installed it free on every Windows machine I’d serviced for my family. It just made my life that much better to have the nag screen go away.
    I did have and use PKZip 7Zip and WinRAR for other uses (IIRC for gluing illicit usenet binaries back together) but still the winzip icon was never far away. That was last century however..

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