Awesome and ill-starred bodges: "Crazy logistics"

The latest installment of Dark Roasted Blend's "Crazy Logistics" series highlight some sterling examples of awesome bodgeing, kludgeing and ill-starred jerry-rigging.

My favorite story about this comes from a friend who worked at the CBC when its studios were on Jarvis Street in Toronto. Every night, there'd be a pair of power-outages across the whole studio, one at midnight, and another at 3AM. Each one only lasted a few seconds. The studios were torn up, rewired, checked a million ways. But the problem persisted. Finally, the mystery was solved when a can of beans exploded in one of the big transformer cabinets. It turned out that the long-serving night watchman would bring the beans for dinner every night, and open the transformer door at midnight when he arrived (which triggered the emergency cutoff) and put the tin on the transformer to heat up. At 3AM, he opened the door again and removed his nicely warmed beans for supper. Until one night when he forgot and -- BOOM!

Crazy Logistics: People Trying to Do Things (Funny Pics) (via Neatorama)