Collective Intelligence: Science on Trial, Berlusconi sentenced. Dispatch from Italy, by Jasmina Tesanovic


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  1. rubecube says:

    I live in Italy. The group of scientists, belonging to the national security, were condemned not because they failed to predict the earthquake but because, after a long series of minor earthquakes that scared the people of l’Aquila, they held a public conference saying there was no risk and that they could all go home and sleep peacefully.
    Just a few days later, a big quake arrived and killed 309 people.
    If they had said “We can’t predict if there will be a major earthquake, so be ready to evacuate anyway” nobody would have accused them, but what they did was actually pretend they knew that such eventuality would not happen.
    I think they are guilty for this.

    • What says:

      You’ve got to be kidding. They’re not guilty of anything. It’s tragic people died, but you can’t blame an earthquake on a couple of people.

      That’s insane.

      It also makes Italy look like a very, very bad place.

  2. ThiagoLeCool says:

    <3 Garbatella, lived there for 2 years :D

  3. no one can predict heartquakes, but they said it was not going to happen. please, get informed before speaking. italy actually is a bad place to live in, but not for these reasons. many of the rumors about how bad justice in italy is, moreover, is a typical leit motif from berlusconi, and this essay is, to me, an example of how effective these rumors are. anyway, this is what scientific american said about the fact :

    “According to scientific opinion cited by prosecutors, the dozens of lower level tremors seen before the quake were typical of the kind of preliminary seismic activity seen before major earthquakes such as the one that struck on April 6. Instead of highlighting the danger, they said the experts had made statements playing down the threat of a repeat of the earthquakes which wrecked the town in 1349, 1461 and 1703, saying the smaller shocks were a “normal geological phenomenon”.”

    the scientists, probably, were under the pressure of another man, bertolaso, that at the earthquake time was leading the italian emergency management.

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