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8 Responses to “Daddy-daughter power-loader costume”

  1. OMG soooo cute! I am so out of my Halloween revelling league. Ooooh. There ought to be an official Halloween Revelling League. But I’d suck too much to get into it…

  2. Marc45 says:

    Now that made my day!

  3. Jesseham says:

    When I used to walk around with my baby in the Bjorn, people sometimes would say it was like “that scene in Alien”but I never pictured this scene…

  4. gypsyspacemuffin says:

    This is pretty damn fantastic.

  5. Jeff Spencer says:

    Absolutely awesome, though my wife would kill me if I took the baby to a disco :-)

  6. edkedz says:

    “Gitta way fuh huh, yu bish!”

  7. noah django says:

    While probably the best costume going this halloween, I was really hoping to see a dark, curly wig when the baby came into view.