Daddy-daughter power-loader costume

Jason Smith made this awesome father-daughter power-loader costume for his baby daughter, who gets to play Ripley as they stalk the night streets. This is parenting at its finest.

Dad and Baby Daughter Alien Power Loader Costume: Now With Video


8 Responses to “Daddy-daughter power-loader costume”

  1. OMG soooo cute! I am so out of my Halloween revelling league. Ooooh. There ought to be an official Halloween Revelling League. But I’d suck too much to get into it…

  2. Marc45 says:

    Now that made my day!

  3. Jesseham says:

    When I used to walk around with my baby in the Bjorn, people sometimes would say it was like “that scene in Alien”but I never pictured this scene…

  4. gypsyspacemuffin says:

    This is pretty damn fantastic.

  5. Jeff Spencer says:

    Absolutely awesome, though my wife would kill me if I took the baby to a disco :-)

  6. edkedz says:

    “Gitta way fuh huh, yu bish!”

  7. noah django says:

    While probably the best costume going this halloween, I was really hoping to see a dark, curly wig when the baby came into view.

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