“Heckuva Job Brownie” criticizes Obama for responding to Hurricane Sandy “so quickly.”

Former FEMA Director Michael “Can I come home?” Brown is upset with President Obama for responding to Hurricane Sandy “so quickly.”

“One thing he’s gonna be asked is, why did he jump on [the hurricane] so quickly and go back to D.C. so quickly when in…Benghazi, he went to Las Vegas?” Brown says. “Why was this so quick?… At some point, somebody’s going to ask that question…. This is like the inverse of Benghazi.”
Heckuva Job Brownie Criticizing Obama for Preparing Too Quickly (Via Cynical-C)


    1. Amazingly, it’s real. I can’t guess whether whoever thought asking Brownie about this was clueless or genius. Did they really think his opinion on this was worth anything, or were they setting him up?

      1. Know what’s even crazier? Brownie is co-host on a afternoon drive-time radio talk show in Denver. It’s not just an alt weekly newspaper that thinks his genius is worth inflicting on the public, but somebody saw fit to put this clown on the airwaves in a regular time slot.

        1. The more accomplished you are at blatantly bending reality, the more corporatists want you on the radio airwaves helping to befuddle the bewildered herd.

    2. Really? You’re that surprised? I mean this is the era of congressmen who spew hate about gays and then take off on vacations with rentboys. There is no shame among the sociopaths who seem to make up a frightening percentage of politicians.

      1. You know, I would like to see some statistics on that. What percentage of the general population are sociopaths? I’m sure someone has done a study right?

        1. ad nauseum, estimates range from 1% as high as 7-10% and people will argue about it until the cows come home and chop everyone up.

          But I can save you & all BB a long thread arguing about it, the sociopaths win the argument every time, we just can’t tell to what degree.

          1. I’ve heard 3%… but by old-timey standards we are all perverts destined straight for hell.

            I seriously question any test’s ability to determine whether a person is a sociopath or not.

        2. I think it’s a matter of where one draws the line at sociopath. Psychopaths and sociopaths are supposedly both flavors of antisocial personality disorder.  Personally I think we should take into account how much damage the person is willing or capable of doing.  Bernie Madoff and Ken Lay are examples of sociopaths with the willingness and capacity to do a lot of damage, but how many sociopathic type personalities manage to live their lives without hurting a bunch of strangers?  If one is of a sociopathic personality, but manages to keep one’s behavior in check, then would one be considered a sociopath?  I suspect a lot of people would say no, because the definition of antisocial personality disorder is based on a patern of behavior, but I have to wonder why then is it called antisocial personality disorder and not antisocial behavior such and such. This is why I am saying it depends on how you define a sociopath. Do you base it on the person’s history, or is it based on a physiological difference in their brains?

          When I say you I mean not you personally but whoever is doing the defining of sociopath.

          1. In the current political context in North America.  There are other places and contexts where the opposite has likely been true.  I suspect sociopaths are most attracted to the political positions of the powerful – be they Wall Street or the Kremlin or the Khmer Rouge.

          2. Believe it or not, “conservative” and “liberal” are words that apply to people everywhere. I cannot speak for the world but Mark’s commentary is very aplicable her in Australia.

          3. @boingboing-b5af41b269f7d4efc530e7a95cba9750:disqus  “Liberal” actually isn’t used in American politics.

  1. Anything the president does before the election in a competent manner is clearly just a cynical political manoeuvre.

    1. Anything [a member of the opposing political party] does before the election in a competent manner is clearly just a cynical political maneuver [or was actually made possible by or copied from the actions of a member of your own party].

      I wouldn’t be surprised to hear someone suggest that Obama only knows how to respond to disasters competently because Bush “refined” that practice during his administration.

  2. The incredible thing is that this spineless lickspittle is still kissing the asses of everyone who hung him out to dry (no pun intended) after Katrina. This after his Playboy interview where he tried to deflect blame onto, variously, Chertoff, the White House, and the media.

    1.  Of course he is. He’s far too famously incompetent to get any job anywhere else than with those same asshats. His dignity is literally the only thing he has left to sell.

      1. A little bird told me that Brownie is first in line for the newly appointed position of Secretary of Equine Affairs (naturally, there will be some empty chairs to fill, once President Romney does a little bureaucratic pruning).

        1. A little bird told me that Brownie is first in line for the newly appointed position of Secretary of Equine Affairs

          Equine Affairs? Like the kind that they have in Enumclaw?

        2. Given the importance of Dressage to the Romney administration, I can guarantee you Ann wouldn’t let Brownie within hundred miles of a horse.  But they’re probably okay with putting him in charge of something relating to “you people”.

  3.  Hmmm. Maybe because those 30 million blue-state voters would appreciate some support in their time of need.

  4. Well, obviously President Obama responded quickly because he created the hurricane with his reptilian weather control gland.

    1. Clearly his plan has been to use HAARP for class warfare against the denizens of New Jersey since the start.

  5. Tell us oh wise and all knowing emergency expert with a higher bodycount, what we should believe.

  6. I am beginning to suspect that Sandy is the Deus Ex Machina that is going to drown Mitt and his ilk in a cesspool of cess. Too bad the lesson learned will be forgotten in a year.

  7. Drownie is a perfect example of the kind of importance conservatives lend to relief organizations. Bush II appointed a horse trainer as FEMA head because the guy wrote him a fat check and got some other horse trainers to write him fat checks. Rather than putting in somebody actually qualified, he handed the post to a sycophantic ideologue office seeker. The rest is history. I can think of no better illustration than that to support my theory that being conservative first requires one to be a little bit of a sociopath.

    1. Republican doctrine is that the Federal government can’t do anything right, or well, or on time, or on budget.  To demonstrate their contempt, they treat appointments like this as sinecures.  Then, when things go wrong, it’s just proof of Axiom 1.  Rinse, repeat.

      For that reason, seeing the government doing something really well, really competently, infuriates them.  It is a sure sign that too much money was spent.

      1. Yup. This. Though it’s not just contempt. It’s a deliberate attempt to undermine public programs. Nothing lets you cut the FEMA budget like showing how useless it is.

        Wing nut conservatives are way smarter than people give them credit for.

      2. Except the Military, don’t forget.  For some reason, the incompetent boobs that screw up everything else somehow manage to give us The Best Military In The World.

  8. One thing I learned from listening to Rush Limbaugh: they can ALWAYS find a way to fault Democrats, even if it means turning logic on its head.    And of course insinuations preceded by “Now, I have no proof of this, but it sure looks suspicious…”

    1. Wait….you learned something from listening to Rush Limbaugh?

      *rubs eyes*

      Didn’t know that was possible.

      1. Sure, I learned to recognize Republican strategy: how can we turn Obama’s quick response and general competence into something we can then beat him over the head with?

        For example, bin Laden gets killed on Obama’s watch, and conservative strategists criticize him for “spiking the football” by announcing it.

  9. The shittiest part is that, win or lose this election, Republican leadership like this has the support of approximately 50 percent of the country. 

    1. It’s not quite that bad… more like 43% of voters, and the lights are going out more and more rapidly in those retirement homes.

      Think young people, particularly those with any minority cultural self-identification, are ever going to associate themselves with the teabaggers and birchers that are the remains of the republican party? I don’t. 

      To me, their “brand” is so fucked by this last election cycle that it looks like they celebrated jumping the shark by teabagging the alligator.

      The republican party is rapidly becoming a single cable channel that exclusively advertises boner pills, prostate relief, gold investment schemes, and reverse mortgages for the elderly.

      1. You’d be surprised how many young people identify themselves as Republicans.

        Heck, one guy I know is gay, black AND calls himself a “true Republican”. I haven’t had the heart yet to tell him that the party he supports hates everything about him and assumes he’s on welfare just because of the color of his skin.

    2. It’s truly absurd how many people are senseless. Here, on boingboing, sensible people talk rationally and objectively.  Elsewhere, it really is a vast wilderness.  It’s just astounding how many people in the first-world USA do not have critical reasoning skills.  Why is it that countries like Australia, Finland, Norway, Germany are so much more rational than us?

  10. Here seems to be the original article in question: http://blogs.westword.com/latestword/2012/10/michael_brown_fema_obama_hurricane_sandy.php

    Apparently, Obama’s mistake was telling people to prepare the night before and not leaving it until a few hours before the storm so everyone could run out in a panic and take care things! That would have had a bigger impact somehow.

    For a FEMA director, Brown says, timing is always an important question: When is it most effective for the president to make an announcement?

    “He probably could’ve had a little more impact doing it today,” says Brown. (The president did hold another press conference today as well…)”

  11. “Oh sure, he does something right and everybody is all “hey great job!”, but when I fuck up altogether everybody is all “hey fire that guy he sucks”! Talk about a double standard!”

  12. The only thing wrong with that is he didn’t say “Benghazi” enough times.

    Benghazi Benghazi.


    1. You’re the first poster to address the actual purpose of “Brownie’s” message: to link the word “benghazi” to something that could be perceived as an Obama success. Obama caught bin Laden, so they have to find a way to make him look weak, cowardly, ineffectual, and dishonest. So they’re trying to say that he doesn’t care about American lives. Never mind that the GOP voted to spend less on embassy security. Never mind that Brown presided over a huge cluster-f*ck in NOLA. Just keep saying “benghazi.” It’s the new “birth certificate,” the new-new “swift boat.”

      Sadly this tactic works on some.

    2. Apparently, the entire time the US was being buffeted by Hurricane Sandy, FOX News was continually broadcasting a late-breaking news exclusive:  Libya-gate.

      If you said “huh?” you’re like me, and not in the Republican bubble.

  13. At long last it finally happened.  The Douche-ometer broke. I was wondering what might ever do it. Heckuva job, Brownie.

  14. Um… Dude..(Brown) EFF. YOU. *under breath* -dumb motherfucker.

    Or… Just eff off and die. It’s jerks like you that make me wish inter-planetary travel were possible. And that the planets available for habitation also instituted a decent immigration policy with at least a minimum competency level. Wouldn’t it be nice to live on a planet where all of your fellow citizens actually “GOT IT” and weren’t stupendously idiotic and shrilled up to some corporate/repuglican/fucktarded-ass mental-gymnastic BS?

    Sorry for the language. But this turd, this hemorrhoid on the anus of whatever should have died not almost 4 years ago, needs to know that his brand of ass-hatery is exactly what is tearing the US apart. Again, Brownie, who the hell are you to say what’s up? You were a complete fuck up then and a complete fuck up now. What standing to you have to tell Obama anything, let alone how to deal with a massive hurricane?

    1. Alternately, we can load up Brown and his ilk into one space ship with the controls set for the heart of the sun. 

      1. Ah Of course! In my rage I forgot we have a very good incinerator. Though really we could just strap them to the top of the rocket. That would get them. Or even more practical we could string them up and roast them under the rocket engine, could have a viewing area and everything.      I’m kidding of course.

        But really, seriously, maybe flamethrowers would be practical.        I’m kidding…

        Still wish I could get off this idiot covered rock though.

  15. You can tell from his “trying to look thoughtful” expression that this guy is a GOP supporter. I seriously want someone to set up a “dem or repub” quiz which presents pictures of (non-swinging) voters and you have to guess which way they vote. I reckon I’d score in 90th percentile.

  16.  “Heckuva Job Brownie”

    When I read that, I thought a conservative finally wasn’t denying their main issue with the President and was wearing their racism on their sleeve. 

  17. Oh wow, he’s just made it even worse:

    Bush-era FEMA Chairman Michael Brown is standing by his suggestion that President Barack Obama acted too soon to call attention to federal disaster response efforts to Hurricane Sandy.

    In the context of the election, I simply said he should have waited.


    Oh, right, that makes sense. Obama should have had the good sense to realize that doing something would have just looked political, and so ought to have acted slower… in order to be non-political… what?

    I think that Brownie may be trolling us.

  18. Aside from the obvious WTF of the “responding too soon” statement, comparing it to Benghazi is just idiotic. Apples and oranges. One was a major storm that had yet to hit land- but we knew it would- one was an assassination that used a riot as cover. We all found out about it after it was over. Should the president always rush back to Washington for every crisis even when it’s done and there’s nothing he  could do about it?

  19. Sorry folks, but I am loving this! It really takes a genuine disaster to show you a person’s true colors. Michael Brown = shit.

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