Instagramming Hurricane Sandy's damage

Mobile Photo Group has a live curated feed of the #hurricanesandy Instagram tag, and photos of the storm's damage throughout the Eastern US. Related: Time's photogs covering the storm last night via Instagram. And below, one particularly striking image from @jesseandgreg on Instagram:

East Village swamped! #newyorkcity #nyc #ev #flood #avenuec


      1.  I used to drive Toyotas. The one thing they can’t deal with is a Crackhead fleeing the scene of a crime, turning down a one-way street the wrong way, encountering a police cruiser, and then front-ending my late-model Matrix, forcing it up the guy wire on an urban power pole so that it subsequently careens down the guy wire at 45 degrees and slams down gravitationally to the pavement. I’ll never drive another Toyota until they fix this obvious problem.

        I really like my Honda Fit, though, BTW.

        1.  Anything that destroys a Matrix is a good thing.  I hate the cars.

          I have tinnitus because I had to drive one of those G-D cars a lot.

  1. I can maybe understand local residents resisting the clues that they should get their car to higher ground, but how did a police car get left in that situation?

    1. Officer was probably assigned to direct people to safety. I’ve seen pictures of police and firemen ordering evacuations and piling sandbangs right up until rain started to fall. Then when shit hit the fan.. the car got left behind and I would hope the officer hoofed his way to safety.

      In these circumstances, a flooded police car is probably a good thing because it means someone was doing their job.

      1.  There’s quite a span of time between “the rain started to fall” and “The shit hit the fan”

        That “good thing” is a substantial  asset that now is useless for all the post-storm police activity that will need to be done.

        I still wonder what happened.

        1. “Substantial asset” is in the eye of the beholder. If a cop or two helped people get out and NYC has 10,000 cop cars, leave the car and help the people. After all, this is a single car, not fleet HQ or something.

  2. Just look at those old Polaroids. Wow. Thank goodness this all happened way back in the ’70s and not now! 

      1. I don’t understand these pictures. None of them show a house on a hill. If only the Brits hadn’t dismantled the wall at Wall Street . . .

  3.  NYC has got to be one of the grossest flood locations. Hate to even think of what’s in that water.

      1.  Having been to both places, one smells like booze and puke. The other smells like urine and rotten garbage. Take your pick eh.

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