Lucy the Elephant 1881 novelty house survived Sandy


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  1. russ says:

    Offshore bootleggers used the Elephant as a signal point to come to shore.

  2. DreadJester says:

    She looks similar to the elephant house in Moulin Rouge.

  3. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    This will lead to a boom in elephant shaped hurricane resistant homes.

  4. Ramone says:

    She’s better protected than you might think. From Lucy’s Facebook page:
    1. Lucy has weathered everything mother nature has sent her way for more than 131 years.
    2. She is a stronger structure today than she was in 1962 during the March storm. Her main ‘superstructure’ is now steel; it was wood in 1962.
    3. She is farther back from the shore line than she was in 1962.
    4. Lucy’s Beach Grille building sits directly in front of her. It will bear the brunt of the wave action and serve as a barrier for Lucy.

  5. wabernat says:

    They don’t build giant whimsical pachyderm structures like they used to.

  6. Devin Smith says:

    I just saw this on Boardwalk Empire!

  7. Thanks for letting us know! Lucy was one of three novelty elephant buildings created by James Lafferty in the 1880s–And he patented his design! See  I’m not certain if Lucy ever functioned as a private home, but she was intended as a tourist attraction.
    Wikipedia has good info on Lucy and the larger Coney Island Elephant that burned within a few years:;

  8. Vicky Rector says:

    She was a hotel, not a house. Sorry to split hairs… but it’s always been a tourist trap. Anyway – I’m so happy she made it! Now I won’t be able to get the song out of my head!

  9. Paul Renault says:

    The reason she survived is because Thomas Edison wasn’t nearby…

  10. I’m so glad that Lucy made it I remember her as a little girl. We would vacation there in a hotel next door in the 60′s. I Love Lucy!

  11. Linda Vitas says:

    I too am glad Lucy made .. I remember playing inside her during the the 50′s when she was deserted and I also stayed in a hotel next door as a kid …

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