Real Myst "linking book"

Mike Ando created a replica Myst "linking book" with an embedded screen to play realMyst. "A 'real' Myst book"


    1. The creator of this project addresses this—the screen used is 640×480, providing a 1:1 pixel-perfect match to the original. The re-releases for iOS are actually lower resolution in addition to being the wrong aspect ratio (3:2). Plus, this way all the Myst games can by played (including the 3D versions).

  1. The crazy thing is that this seems kind of poxy and low-rent compared to just playing it on a tablet. Maybe with a nice leather case for your tablet? I mean, the screen’s just a tiny fragment of the page.

    Sufficiently advanced technology…

    1. Uh. No. This project took him six years and he had to do a TON of custom electronic work, plus getting advanced technologies before they were even available to the open market. The tech inside it on its own is worth thousands of dollars. You’re totally allowed to prefer to use a tablet, but don’t dis a project that someone spent six years and a ton of money on please.

      1. My point is not that he sucks. It’s that the actual artifact produced at the end of the six years he spent on it is far less magical and impressive than “spending seven bucks to get RealMyst on your iPad”.

        I mean, the first month or two I had an iPad I was totally amazed at how magical it was, then it became a commonplace device. My standards for magicalness are a lot higher than they were six years ago, never mind where they stand compared to ’93 when Myst first came out.

        (Also um somehow I suspect that while the hardware inside may have COST thousands of bucks when he bought it during those six years, it’s not gonna cost anywhere near as much now.)

        1. Hi there! I made this. Actually it’s still pretty expensive; anything that’s tightly linked to Moore’s Law was purchased in the last year. There’s a VERY small, specialised market for computer components designed to fit in a space smaller than 12cm. Everything in this book is still top-of-the-line in that form factor.

          This plays a lot more games than just Myst, realMyst & Riven :)

  2. It’s pretty cool for recreating a Myst Book, but seeing the guts put in and the window logo before the images kind of spoiled the video.

    Of course, it’s made to be seen in person, not admired in a video.

  3. To make things worse, it took him 1 hour per day for 6 years! 2109 hours! 273 days working full time, he must be seriously inefficient.

    1. No, that includes the time sourcing the books, researching what exact model was used, researching and designing the circuits, sending the book out to be gilded and restored by a person who restores old books, etc. He made this thing completely from scratch from research and sourcing to finished project, so 6 years is really not bad at all. Plus he wasn’t working *only* on the Myst book during that time, he had a ton of other projects going at the same time. He spent about 6 months after he’d sourced all the pieces and designed everything putting it all together, working out the kinks, etc.

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