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7 Responses to “Video from flooded NYC: East 8th Street and Avenue C before the blackout”

  1. Michael W. says:

    Now I know what the prequel to Waterworld would look like.

    In less than a decade now we’ve seen these nightmare storm scenarios destroy portions of New Orleans and New York. 

    I am a rational person who understands this could merely be coincidence, but it is becoming harder and harder not to consider the frequency of these extreme weather events is a clear signal in the random chaos of atmospheric noise. 

    • awjt says:

       nah just isolated events/god’s will/bad luck/unrelated phenomena/choose-your-own-denial

    • Sam Archer says:

      To be fair, New Orleans was built below sea-level…  New York looks pretty bad though.

      • disillusion says:

        Pretty much this.  The problems with New Orleans were mostly man-made, but then with any city close to the ocean when there’s a storm surge such as what generally comes with a hurricane you’re going to see a fair amount of damage.

  2. acerplatanoides says:

    That happened to my car the other year. Needed to change the oil, vacuum out the computer, and sit it out in the sun to dry out –  but it was fine. 

  3. Wait I know that movie. And next it’s gonna get cold, really cold and there’ll be wolves out for prey in the street, directed by some german dude in hollywood.

  4. hugh crawford says:

    I lived on 8th street between B and C in the late 1980s in a basement duplex apartment, and it would flood every time it rained or the fire department came to put out a fire in one of the many arson fires on the block.

    Turns out that Tompkins Square was called Tompikins Slough and a stream ran down what is now east 8th street.

    More info here