4 year old is tired of hearing about Bronco Bama, Mitt Rominey, and the elections

Elizabeth Evans says, "This is my four year old daughter, Abigael, after hearing one too many mentions of the election."

"The election will be over soon," Elizabeth tells her child in the video.

Video Link.

(via David Carr)


28 Responses to “4 year old is tired of hearing about Bronco Bama, Mitt Rominey, and the elections”

  1. traalfaz says:

    Maybe the kid is being exposed to a bit too much media in general?

  2. Orpheus84 says:

    Her and me both.

  3. Benny_Benters says:

    Every four years for the rest of this little lady’s life.

  4. bo1n6bo1n6 says:

    That’s exactly how I feel.

  5. Chuck says:

    Wait — you mean I could have voted for Bronco Bama instead?

    Damn.  Shouldn’t have voted early.

  6. Lexicat says:

    Looks like a proto-neo-populist republican in the making.  Entering her into the 2028 campaign database now. . . 

  7. Shibi_SF says:

    Me too, Abigael, me too.  

  8. dethbird says:

    I can’t stop weeping either. 

  9. Stefan Jones says:

    Someone should make her a My Little Pony “Bronco Bama” figure to play with.

  10. Mark_Frauenfelder says:

    Bronco Bama is my write-in candidate this time, with Marvel the Mustang as his running mate.

    • Stefan Jones says:

      AHHHH! Thanks, Mark! Now I’ve fragments of his theme song in my head.

      “Marvel the Mustang
      He’s almost for real
      You saddle him up
      With spurs on your heels . . .”

      “No winding . . . (oddly long pause) . . . no batteries.”

  11. robcat2075 says:

    A child of the tearful John Boehner?

  12. I dub thee “Honey Boo Hoo”.

  13. P1rat3 says:

    Missed it! Someone already got BroncoBama.com 

    So close :(

  14. Leto_Atreides says:

    She’s tired of the elections or tired of her mom forcing her to repeat a few lines for a youtube video?

  15. Quiche de Resistance says:

    Young lady, I feel your pain.  And your mother’s breasts.

  16. t3kna2007 says:

    For the last fourteen years, I’ve allowed NPR and whatever station carries it to have a more-or-less uninterrupted feed into my head.  That ended this year because of election coverage and “sh*t politicians say”.  I’m really just sick of it. It’s always been a great pleasure when one of my walks happens to coincide with Morning Edition/All Things Considered cranking up, but when the program starts with the latest Romney/Obama he said/she said mudfest, like it does almost every day, it just ruins it.

  17. Uncle Geo says:

    My son used to say he hated a local furniture store. We figured out that they sponsored Barney on PBS and that when their sponsormercial came up it meant Barney went away.

    I liked the furniture store for the same reason.

  18. Erika Kreis says:

    I live in Canada and I’m tired of it too!  :-)

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