A helpful roundup of emergency gadgets

Brian Lam at Wirecutter has a timely post up about gadgets and tools one might find useful in an emergency like Hurricane Sandy. Device chargers, generators, two-way radios, but also "hey why didn't I think of that before the hurricane" non-electronics stuff like Handi-Wipes, socks, umbrellas, and good deals on batteries.


  1. A water bottle is a good idea. Not sure that it has to cost $35 though. My number one item is a torch (flashlight for Americans). I would have one for everybody else in the family. Every other tool is useless without lighting.

    1. They’re not insulated, mind you, but Dollar Tree has aluminum, regular-sized water bottles for… $1.

      For $35 that thing had better charge my smartphone with cold fusion.

    2. My number one item is a torch (flashlight for Americans).

      Why not a real torch? And a pitchfork, too. Multitasking.

      1. No need for torches & pitchforks. I hear Frankenstein is dead. I saw him fall into the rubble of the windmill so I know this to be true.

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