Bauhaus: "Bela Lugosi's Dead" live, 1982

Bauhaus perform "Bela Lugosi's Dead" in 1982 at London's Old Vic Theatre.


  1. I think that the version that I have on CD is from this performance.

    I always had trouble figuring out what speed to set my record player to when playing the 12″ single, starting out with so much percussion and so little else at the beginning.

    This is on my playlist for this weekend’s Halloween party, along with Tones on Tail’s live cover of Heartbreak Hotel and a few other tunes from both projects.

    1. I always had trouble figuring out what speed to set my record player to when playing the 12″ single

      So what speed did you settle on in the end? I like it better at 33, even though I know it should be 45.

      1.  The record player didn’t last long enough to really let me finalize.  It was always amusing at 78 though…

        I was sad when it broke.  Damn you Yorx and your all-in-one tuner/cassette/LP/8-track bookshelf system!  *shakes tiny fist*

  2. someone, anyone, please either confirm or debunk this story that i’ve long heard was true: during the end of their career as a band, peter murphy was so sick of this song that at one concert, they started playing this song and when it came time for him to sing, he picked up to the microphone and said, “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!”, put the mic down, and walked offstage.

      1. well, i first heard this story in… must’ve been 1990. so i’m guessing it had to have happened in the mid 1980s?

  3. Oh man those were the days. There was such cool stuff going on during the 80’s. Compare this song to today’s death metal shriekers.

    1. I like Bauhaus a lot but comparing individual, groundbreaking, unique bands to whole genres is not a fair comparison (largely due to the 90% rule).  If you insist then you should probably compare Bauhaus to modern goth/industrial Bauhaus wannabes and compare “today’s death metal shriekers” to death metal bands from the 80’s. Apples to apples.

      1. I love your use of the term “modern”. But of course I cop to the over-generalization. I was just kind of amazed at how I could understand every (clever!) word in the Bauhaus video, where you have all this growling stuff going on now (by people dressed as Klingons or something) where I can’t understand a single syllable. I know, I know, I’m an old man, please don’t hit me.

        1. You’re in good company.  Most people don’t like shouty music.  The trick is to acknowledge that the vocals are being used as a percussion instrument instead of being used to carry the melody.

          Not much of a death metal fan myself but I like a lot of other shouty music.

          Yeah, “modern” may have been a weird choice but there was no deeper meaning in it. If you have a problem with it mentally replace it with “current”.

  4. I remember watching Bauhaus, maybe a little earlier than this, at the Hammersmith Palais and marveling at how comparatively quiet they were on stage. It added great clarity to their sound.

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