Companion Cube ice-trays


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  1. madopal says:

    Anyone else think the ice in that picture looks suspiciously not like ice?

  2. Paul Renault says:


    The Turrets would make great soda water dispensers.

  3. I bought one of these trays and it doesn’t actually work very well. The ice expands (obviously), resulting in not-cubic shapes.  

  4. LogrusZed says:

    Those may not be actual ice cubes, but I do recall hearing or reading that boiling water prior to filling the tray gets rid of bubbles and a lot of deforming due to expansion. Boiling or using distilled water.

    • Bottle Imp says:

      Camper English did a whole sequence of posts on this at his Alcademics site, cumulating in a post at Wired about how to make clear ice at home. He didn’t find a significant benefit in boiling or distillation, or at least not a big enough benefit to really be worth bothering with.

    • giantasterisk says:

      Distilled water might not be the best choice. In my experience, it seems to have less integrity the good old mineral-and-contaminant-laden water when frozen. Distilled water ice cubes shatter when you try to take them out of the tray.

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