Companion Cube ice-trays

Wow 'em at your next Portal-themed cocktail party with ThinkGeek's Companion Cube ice-cube molds, at $12.99 per.

Portal 2 Companion Cube Ice Tray (via Geekologie)


  1. Those may not be actual ice cubes, but I do recall hearing or reading that boiling water prior to filling the tray gets rid of bubbles and a lot of deforming due to expansion. Boiling or using distilled water.

    1. Camper English did a whole sequence of posts on this at his Alcademics site, cumulating in a post at Wired about how to make clear ice at home. He didn’t find a significant benefit in boiling or distillation, or at least not a big enough benefit to really be worth bothering with.

    2. Distilled water might not be the best choice. In my experience, it seems to have less integrity the good old mineral-and-contaminant-laden water when frozen. Distilled water ice cubes shatter when you try to take them out of the tray.

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