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  1. Tony Bussert says:

    Interesting notion about the iPad2 still selling well due to folks seeing Retina Display as a nice to have and not a need to have feature. Especially given how much marketing I see and hear around Retina Display from Apple.

    • Al says:

      It’s particularly notable since Apple kept the iPad 2 at the same price and discontinued the third generation iPad after the incremental update to the 4th-gen full iPad last week. This goes against their trend of axing the two-generation-old iPad and selling the previous generation at a discounted price. I’m guessing they didn’t see enough differentiation between the 3rd and the 4th  to justify the price disparity.

  2. Spleenal says:

    why does ipad mini start at $329 (£205) in US but starts at £269 ($431) in UK? wtf apple? I thought we were friends!

    • iCowboy says:

      US prices exclude state or city sales taxes. the 20% VAT is included on the UK prices. Secondly, the UK gives you a longer warranty.

  3. Joe F says:

    I’ll take the google nexus. Thanks

  4. traalfaz says:

    But but but…7″ tablets are stupid.  Steve said so!

    (Speaking as a very happy Nexus 7 owner)

  5. Scot Seese says:

    Mr. Gruber’s “Daring Fireball” blog has so long ago shed any vestiges of impartiality it should be considered an extension of Apple’s PR department.  John is given privileged access to early review units and face time with Apple VP’s as reward for his unfailingly positive reviews.   Steve built the distortion bubble but John is one of the blowers preventing it from sagging on the lawn.

    I’m writing this on a 13″ Mac Air.  I’m no Apple hater; merely objective -The specifications and pricing for the iPad Mini suck.  Perhaps Forstall’s parting shots were true – There is no “decider” left at Apple, and the breathtaking innovation is gone.  Is the Cupertino dream factory doomed to a slow decline borne of design by committee?  Ive crafts beautiful hardware, but do we want a colorless, cold monochromatic white & silver OS interface to match the case?

  6. First Last says:

    The iPod/iPod Mini comparison is kind of stupid. The iPod’s primary function (to output music) was completely unchanged by reducing the size of the device, while the iPad’s function of visual consumption of media is directly affected by the reduced screen size and quality.

    • Nick Hayday says:

      but if he’s right, which I suspect he is, will it still be stupid?

      • First Last says:

        The iPod change was a straight forward sacrifice of storage-space for compact physical size within a market it already dominated while the iPad is more complex due to the physical size having direct relation to its uses and supposedly competing in a specific small-form-factor market Apple was otherwise absent in rather than the overall tablet market.
        I would still say the comparison is stupid even if it turns out to be true simply because it’s based on “previous Apple product did this” rather than a similar product in a similar situation.

  7. Cowicide says:

    If you keep the iPad Mini eight feet away from your eyes it technically becomes a Retina Display.

  8. lecti says:

    iPad fan here. The fact is that portability matters – you get more use out of it despite reduced confort of smaller display.

    What sold me is the fact that it’s almost as thin as an iPod touch – it’ll definitely spend less time at home.

  9. ddh819 says:

    i wonder if it will get a better screen next year

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