Houdini on pickpockets


7 Responses to “Houdini on pickpockets”

  1. Lemoutan says:

    A crime almost as horrible as dousing with glitter

  2. Sam Chessman says:

    Or  you could find the text at archive.org;

    • Ito Kagehisa says:

      Thank you, Mr. Chessman!

      Lots of great stuff in here – burning through a safe with a carbon-arc powered by trolley wires, Burke and Hare selling human fat to burglars, etc.

  3. Introduction by Teller!

  4. Dito says:

     That’s MrTeller to you!  (@MrTeller)

  5. DreamboatSkanky says:

    Those sneaky pickpockets!  They distracted me with interwebz, and now my $10.74 is gone!

  6. Chris Bell says:

    I’ve had this happen to me. Blighters ruined a perfectly good stove-pipe hat.

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