As I post this, the National Unwatering Swat Team should be reaching New York City, where it will do what the National Unwatering Swat Team does best — remove water from places it shouldn't ever be. This is a different mandate than dewatering, in which water is removed from places where it's sometimes okay to have water. (Via Philip Bump)

6 Responses to “Meet the National Unwatering Swat Team”

  1. alfanovember says:

    The word “Unwatering” is so awkward it dewaters my tear ducts.

  2. stillcantfightthedite says:

    While I’m glad the made the distinction clear with respect to the differing definitions of dewatering and unwatering, it would be far more helpful if they showed how it differs in practice.  My guess is that more time is spent planning exactly how to drain it most efficiently, as I’d imagine you could waste a significant amount of time having to frequently move your hosing to lower and lower points in dangerous conditions.

    Also, why does it have to be a SWAT team?  Can’t it be a rapid response team?  Is this a sign of the militarization of unwatering teams???

  3. Nash Rambler says:

    Surprisingly, an accurate moniker for a government agency.  Don’t have to go leafing through all those agency phone books to find the right people.

    BLOOMBERG: Who can we get to pump out these flooded subway tunnels?AIDE: I know just the guys, sir.  Just the guys *knowing wink at camera*

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