Mitch O'Connell's Top 10 most beloved halloween classic movies of all time...

…from the video rental section behind the curtain. Artist and ephemera craphound Mitch O'Connell dug deep in his archives to find these cinematic gems.


  1. Absolutely useless! No gay flicks at all! I mean really, gay horror/parodies seem way more creative. Are there straight parodies of Saw? Hostel? Silence of the Lambs? You need to step up your game. [the Hostel parody, BTW, is pretty damned nasty]

  2. No “Driller”, the Michael Jackson inspired haunted castle one? It had dance sequences with zombies, and a political bit where Zombie Lincoln pulls Zombie Nixon away from what he’s doing (or who he’s doing, rather) before he’s finished. It was pretty awesome. And shot on film, too, not video!

    1. Hey, it’s on YouTube. But only the intro, none of the porn content in the haunted castle. Just the intro.

  3. Did you know Ginger Lynn and Amber Lynn were sisters?  Porsche Lynn, however, was their cousin.  This episode of News For The Gullible is brought to you by… I dunno, John Holmes (who was the guy that played Eddie Haskell in Leave It To Beaver, true story).

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