Old skeleton found in tree upended by Sandy


Yesterday a homeless woman at New Haven Green park in Connecticut noticed something odd tangled in the roots of a huge oak tree torn from the ground by Superstorm Sandy: a human skeleton. Apparently, The Green was used as a burial ground until 1821. The headstones were eventually moved but the bodies were not. "Skeletal Remains Found In Upended Tree" (New Haven Independent)


    1. The trees will hide the Ancient Ones.

      A great wind shall come to free them.

      Then the Ancient Ones will rise.

    1. A shopping center went up on the Queen Victoria hospital site in Melbourne some years ago. My wife was working on the project. Builders found an old grave site but kept it as quiet as possible because the owners obviously wanted to get their retail operating as fast as possible.

    2. One of the nice things about Boston is that they just kept the cemeteries rather than shipping them out to the suburbs. They really are lovely, peaceful places.

  1. Sandy pushed up some coffins, too.  Who knew that they were burying people in residential neighborhoods in holes no deeper than the coffin? 

    “Oh, just put that thin concrete slab on top; that’ll be proof against everything.”<!–

    I guess that I’ll just add a link since Disqus can’t manage to upload the image: http://media.cmgdigital.com/shared/lt/lt_cache/thumbnail/960/img/photos/2012/10/30/90/85/886f28003bec4b61a1d3d99110ed1c09-a653b61ebb7642fb82c0fc49c6d15626-12.jpg –>

  2. It was probably a family member of the property owner of that time. They buried there loved ones on a hill next to the old tree. With time past and properties transffering hands the markers or tomb stones were lost…Not as far fetched considering the age of the tree!!!!

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