Prince Ea: "For: Obama, From: The People"

Prince Ea, who made the excellent "Backwards Rapper" video last year and “Smoking Weed with the President” this year has just released his latest music video, called "For: Obama, From: The People." Ea is the founder of Make Smart Cool, whose mission is to "compellingly promote the ideals of education, intelligence, unity and creativity throughout the world at large."


  1. 4 out of 5 Republican members of the Science Committee agree that the moon is made of cheese!

    Been wanting to bring this up for a while.

  2. Very well produced, and I agree with most of the sentiments and concerns. And yet …

    The overall effect, especially being released shortly before the election, is a denunciation of Obama, and an endorsement not of progress but of apathy or of nihilism. There’s an election on Tuesday (or before, by absentee or early voting), and your choices are Obama, Romney, a protest vote, or nothing. Obama hasn’t done enough one the issues raised in the video – but he’s done more than he’s given credit for, and Romney would be positively destructive on all of them, let alone the Tea Party caucus Romney would empower. In short, you can vote to make all the problems he sings about worse, you can sit the race out – or you can vote for the only candidate who might actually help with some of them, and re-elect Barack Obama.

    The video takes aim at a lot of targets that are hugely important and deserving – but it fails to notice that after a century of trying we’re getting a national system to ensure access to affordable health care; that Obama has worked and is working to promote progressive taxation and access to education; and in general everything on this site.

    1. It didn’t feel like he was denouncing Obama to me. I think his criticism is that Obama is trying too hard to please the pundits and politicos when he should be governing by his conscience. He makes pretty much the same argument in “Smoking Weed with the President” how legalization is common sense and how the only thing stopping us from having an adult political conversation about it is propaganda from the 30s and the financial interests (prisons, pharmaceuticals) that would be negatively effected by legalization, and how many sensitive political issues are like this. The issue of poverty and how much responsibility a government has to see that its people are fed, housed, clothed, and employed is just like that… no one is having the conversation, not in any real way.

      1. ” It didn’t feel like he was denouncing Obama to me. I think his criticism is that Obama is trying too hard to please the pundits and politicos when he should be governing by his conscience. ”
            I think any honest and reasonable person would agree that Obama has governed by his conscience when possible for his first 3+ years in office.  Unfortunately this is an election year and all reason seems to have to fly out the window.  I’m certain that there are hundreds of issues he would rather be working on (did you watch the first debate?), but must focus now on winning re-election so he can finish the job he started.  Do you really think the POTUS would have a chance in hell of winning this election if he didn’t pause and “play the game”?  As cheesy as it sounds, “Don’t hate the player… hate the game”.  He himself has spoken out on big money and the destruction it’s causing to our government.   You can look at the lists of donors/amounts and see instantly which candidate is cradled in the arms of that beast.  
           Denouncing…maybe not, but this video does nothing but harm Obama’s re-election efforts.  

  3. I think Wesley Willis said it better with, “Suck a male camel’s dick with Hoisen sauce.”
    Lyrics NSFW:

  4. Cmon guy… you have some excellent rhyming ability, but your musical range is terrible. The last few songs have all been basically the same thing.

    He might be slowing it to appeal to a wider audience but, as I’ve previously linked, Prince Ea can spit fast lyrics and he should do it more often.

    PS: Love the mace pig and disagree with the bail out corporations to no avail…. America would likely be further up shit creek if it weren’t for the bailouts… but they should’ve been more closely regulated so jerk execs got NO bonuses and all bailouts were paid back. It’s not right to assume that not bailing out companies would’ve had a better net result. Also… dude… delusions of grandeur with the ending much?

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