Siouxsie and the Banshees performing "Halloween" (1981)

Siouxsie and the Banshees in 1981 performing "Halloween," from their essential album Juju.


  1. Brings back a very old memory. I sold my first computer and sequencer (steinberg pro-16 and Commodore 64) to their guitarist at the time, Jon Klein. He told me they always finished their gigs with a cover of Dear Prudence as they noticed their t-shirt sales doubled when they did that.

    1. Festus!

      How. Dare. You.

      Next Festivus, I will track you down and air grievances with my fists to your head! If I am vitreous enough, I shall strap you to the Pole of Knowledge and berate you. I will then make a burnt offering to Saint Danny O’Keefe.

      Kidding…at least mostly. Are you sure you aren’t confusing Siouxsie with Pat Benetar, the Bangels or Michelle Bolton? 

      Heh…remember Michelle, Michael Bolton’s sister? She had a couple of one hit wonders back in the 80s, but she is best known for the opening theme to the Star Trek series “Enterprise.” 

      Apparently she and her bro were huge Trek fans and they did the opening theme for free. Michelle did the vocals and Michael Bolton did the instrumentals. 

      Here it is on YouTube:


      Now, I do like the Bolton siblings as people in that they’ve seemed nice when I bumped into them and Michael really likes his fans and has a good attitude. I just could never get into their music.

  2. Siouxsie Sioux, to this day, remains one of the most important and underappreciated women in rock history. People take for granted now that women can be taken seriously in rock music but that was not the case back in 1977. She was a pioneer who didn’t try to appeal to a male audience with overt sexuality. To the contrary, she was often hostile and dismissive of her audience which resulted in her earning the epithet “the Ice Queen” from British journalists. The irony is that she was incredibly sexy — she just didn’t care if you thought so or not. Siouxsie, and the music she made with her Banshees, is classic and will always be appreciated by people who have an adventurous taste in music.

      1. Plus, has a genuine humility which is kinda rare in her line of work.

        Siouxsie made a youthful gross-faux-pas and sported a nazi swastika as some sort of misguided  and ignorant youthful attempt at being edgy. 

        After a gentle  redirection, Siouxsie et. al recorded ‘Israel’:

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