Star Wars montage tights

Australian geeky women's clothing maker Black Milk (previously featured many times on Boing Boing) has rolled out a new line of Star Wars clothes, including a lovely pair of Star Wars Montage leggings.

The Death Star Dress And More New Star Wars Items From Black Milk Clothing (via Geekologie)


  1. In before people go to the website and complain about skinny models!  Absolutely need to buy these for my g/f, and the C3PO swimsuit.  She’d go bonkers!

  2. The lightsaber placement looks rather unfortunate to me, especially since it isn’t matched up on the other side of the garment and instead appears to disappear inside of the crotch area… 

    Or, to put it more succinctly: It looks like Luke is operating a big glowing dildo. 

    1. It looks like Luke is operating a big glowing dildo.

      Well, the films were supposed to be all about archetypes.

    2. At least they didn’t put the Chewie there.  That would have led to the unsettling question of “What does a shaved wookie look like?”

  3. Did you get the cease and desist from Disney, yet?

    Seriously, I can imagine a day when you will not want to be featured in boingboing!

    1. Black Milk now has an official licensed product agreement with Star Wars, which I assume remains valid under the Disney buy-out terms.

      Of course, they got that *after* mass coverage of their Artoo & C3PO swimsuits, which were pulled from sale and are now $30 more than they were pre-licensing… which I assume covers the licensing & royalty costs of being official merch.

  4. I have a sneaking suspicion that someone that would pay $108USD for a pair of leggings, unique as they may be, are still going to need an explanation that leggings != pants. 

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