TOM THE DANCING BUG: The Republican Rapid Rape Response Squad!!

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    1. What in the world do rape and pregnancy have to do with women?!? These are political issues that affect the electability of male Republican candidates! Stop trying to derail the topic.

      1.  Oh good God, I didn’t get the specific terminology!

        That takes it from funny “ways to shut that whole thing down” to just creepy! augh!

    1. Clay Bennet really is the best. His art style is clean and he has Correct Opinions most of the time.

  1. Well, the Romney / Ryan stampede runs on Rum and Sodomy, which can liven up any party, except when it’s confined to a dark, damp, tacky water closet, decorated with wall-paper adorned with a fox, hound and jack-boot motif.  

      1. No lashies to the lallies or dishees love. Cat o’ ninies all the wayzies, lashies are only for low end common trade. NTL, the meese willets make dolly beards and aces for minding our fantabulosa paddocks, minding our bijou feeles, and shit. 

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