$40 device keeps your head from falling off your shoulders when you sleep on a plane

I can't sleep for more than 30 minutes or so on a plane. After that, I'm awake for the duration of the flight, no matter how long it is. I wonder if this neck-propper-upper would help?

Enter the UpRight Sleeper, a neck support that makes snoozing upright more comfortable (plus way cooler looking!). $40 takes one home, but the VERY fashionable cover costs $10 extra. I prefer the no-cover model because I'm hoping a flight attendant mistakes me for someone with a debilitating neck injury and moves me up to first class.

Here's the website for the UpRight Sleeper. But watch out -- it has a video that starts playing right away, and that narrator's voice is booming.

Geekologie: Finally, A Decent Neck-Rest For Sleeping Upright


    1. I logged on so I could pass along this exact advice.  As I get older, life is more about comfort and less about looking like a twit.  People may laugh but I don’t care cuz I’m sleeping like a baby.

    2. I was never happy with the inflatable U pillow. I like to tie my head to the headrest (the movable bit with the wings, not the whole seat) with a bandana. Looks ridiculous. Works.

  1. “Q: My dog chewed my Uprightsleeper TM and I think he swallowed some. Should I be concernedA: If you know your dog ingested some of the UprightsleeperTM material, do not induce vomiting without medical advice. In any case of doubt, please seek medical help.”


    1. Came here to say the same thing. I once hurt my neck and travelled with one. I can say this is the best head-holding device ever. Beats that stupid inflatable one you buy in the airport in the hopes it will work.
      7 bucks on Amazon, or about the same on a drugstore.

    1. Styled to look like a little wooden maple syrup collecting bucket.  
      Their website gets a gold star for making me less likely to buy their product than if I never saw the thing.

  2. If you could camouflage it with a scarf these things might be very useful for school-kids.  I remember when I was in school I used to have a double geography class with this guy who was so monumentally boring he was nick-named BLOCK.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open for that double class – and my head kept giving me away.  I used to have really heated exchanges with this guy because a) he was really angry at me for falling asleep, and b) I was really angry because you tend to be a bit testy after waking up.  If I had had one of those bad boys hidden under a scarf, I could have enjoyed some sweet, uninterrupted naps in that class.

  3. Many airlines have seats like the ones in the attached picture: When resting your head against the centre of the headrest, there are wings’ that fold forward to about 45 degrees. They’re still a bit far apart to hold your head completely upright, but they do a fair job in a pinch.

    Pic credit: http://www.mscsoftware.com/

  4. I got a memory foam U-shaped pillow, and it does this for me. The memory foam is firm enough that my head doesn’t loll to the side, and it’s comfortable enough that I can sleep through entire flights. The back of the U is pretty firm, but I solved it when I found that the headrests on almost all airplane seats elevate — leaving a convenient, pillow-sized gap!

    About half the price, too. I got mine online for about $20.

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