$40 device keeps your head from falling off your shoulders when you sleep on a plane


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  1. I use a regular U-shaped cushion, turned around like a big plush goiter.

    • Benny_Benters says:

      I logged on so I could pass along this exact advice.  As I get older, life is more about comfort and less about looking like a twit.  People may laugh but I don’t care cuz I’m sleeping like a baby.

    • MTBooks says:

      I was never happy with the inflatable U pillow. I like to tie my head to the headrest (the movable bit with the wings, not the whole seat) with a bandana. Looks ridiculous. Works.

  2. vonbobo says:

    “Q: My dog chewed my Uprightsleeper TM and I think he swallowed some. Should I be concernedA: If you know your dog ingested some of the UprightsleeperTM material, do not induce vomiting without medical advice. In any case of doubt, please seek medical help.”


  3. lakelady says:

    why not just pick up an ordinary cervical collar for about 10 bucks?

  4. vonbobo says:

    “If you think you hate it now, wait until you try sleeping in it!”

  5. EH says:

    I hate my species.

  6. I think cones are more stylish.

  7. zachstronaut says:

    Ok, I’m going to patent the same thing but with a fake beard instead of a purple satin thing.  $$ Cha-ching! $$

  8. plainsaman says:

    It looks like a Thighmaster  for your head.

  9. Editz says:

    Probably needs a drool cup.

    • voiceinthedistance says:

      Styled to look like a little wooden maple syrup collecting bucket.  
      Their website gets a gold star for making me less likely to buy their product than if I never saw the thing.

  10. If you could camouflage it with a scarf these things might be very useful for school-kids.  I remember when I was in school I used to have a double geography class with this guy who was so monumentally boring he was nick-named BLOCK.  I couldn’t keep my eyes open for that double class – and my head kept giving me away.  I used to have really heated exchanges with this guy because a) he was really angry at me for falling asleep, and b) I was really angry because you tend to be a bit testy after waking up.  If I had had one of those bad boys hidden under a scarf, I could have enjoyed some sweet, uninterrupted naps in that class.

  11. Adi W says:

    Many airlines have seats like the ones in the attached picture: When resting your head against the centre of the headrest, there are wings’ that fold forward to about 45 degrees. They’re still a bit far apart to hold your head completely upright, but they do a fair job in a pinch.

    Pic credit: http://www.mscsoftware.com/

  12. Guest says:

    Thanks, but my neck still does a pretty good job at that for free.

  13. EggyToast says:

    I got a memory foam U-shaped pillow, and it does this for me. The memory foam is firm enough that my head doesn’t loll to the side, and it’s comfortable enough that I can sleep through entire flights. The back of the U is pretty firm, but I solved it when I found that the headrests on almost all airplane seats elevate — leaving a convenient, pillow-sized gap!

    About half the price, too. I got mine online for about $20.

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