40,000 lbs of walnuts stolen

Two gigantic truck-loads of walnuts totally 40,000 lbs have been stolen recently in Tehama County, California, apparently by the same extremely tall Russian-accented fellow. The total value of the walnuts is said to be in the $300,000 range. The walnut thief's MO is to drive up to a depot with the correct shipping numbers, have the nuts loaded up, and then disappear. From a Record Searchlight staff report:

Employees told sheriff's deputies that the driver of a white semi with a Russian accent picked up the load on Oct. 19. The walnuts were purchased by F.C. Bloxom and Co., a Seattle-based company, and to be delivered to Miami.

While investigating the strange report, deputies found out a man who matched the description of that delivery driver had picked up an order of 40,000 walnuts from Los Molinos on Oct. 23 that were supposed to be taken to Texas, deputies said.

Deputies checked with the trucking company hired by San Antonio-based Hill Country Bakery and revealed that the man who took the walnuts wasn't actually the one hired for the job, deputies said.

More than 80,000 lbs. of walnuts stolen; Tehama deputies say delivery driver is the suspect (via JWZ)

(Image: Walnuts, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from _-o-_'s photostream)


  1. Whoa. Anyone seeing the connection here?  Earlier this fall, someone steels Canada’s strategic maple reserve.  Now Walnuts is gone.  This is a major assault on the breakfast industry.  Guard you neighborhood IHOP like your life depends on it!

        1. Nae.  They only recovered ~119 thousand liters.  3.75 million liters were stolen.

          I take this personally, as I consider maple syrup to be one of the major food groups.  Pro-tip: buy Grade B; it’s cheaper and has a stronger maple flavor.

        1. You have a buyer waiting over seas, where they might not care so much how the walnuts arrived but that they did. 

          One of the best grafting arts is to work out of country and hope not to get caught by the local crooks or cops but fool them both.

    1.  The Chef strikes again! When will people catch on to this super villain and his evil plot to bake a walnut tart big enough to block the sun!?

    1. “Look how well these have aged. Playing with these kinds of walnuts isn’t for ordinary people,” Kou said.

  2. “You’re gunna love my nuts.” he said as he tried selling them on the fruit & nut black market.

    Funny thing is, where I live police practice gnarly tactical missions in a massive abandoned fruit and nut store. The signs advertising the products are still up. I feel like the police here need to specifically be put on this case because of their experience in this very specific field.

  3. Nut prices the last decade or so have been really nuts. People are now stealing pecans out of yards because they’re so valuable. It’s a real burden on those of us who like to make many varieties of pesto.

    1. I’ve noticed this.  Real burden on me as someone who loves nuts and doesn’t eat meat – great source of a lot of stuff, and delicious.

      But if they’re not sold in McDonalds it’s a healthfood and prices must be doubled.

    2. These days a small box of nuts (any kind but peanuts) costs more than a Greenfields free range beef steak. It’s completely nuts.

  4. Interesting walnut facts from the wiki’s –
    Walnuts are one of the several high nutrient density foods. 100 grams of walnuts contain 15.2 gram protein, 65.2 gram fat, and 6.7 gram dietary fiber.
    The Sacramento and San Joaquin valleys of California produce 99 percent of the nation’s commercial [crop].
    The world produced a total of 2.55 million metric tonnes of walnut seeds in 2010

  5. It would seem more likely that the ‘witness employees’ had a ‘buddy’ take the truck to a farm close by and hide it in a barn then later they had a walnut party with their closest friends. They paid for it the next day with the worse walnut hangovers, so in a way, social justice was served.

  6. He either really loves walnuts, or there’s a bustling black market walnut economy that I’ve just become aware of.

    I’d love that many nuts, but I think I’d go for pistachios, ooh no, cashews!  No macadamias! 

    So it looks like I might need a lorry and some shipping numbers.

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