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26 Responses to “Father creates amazing witch makeup for his 11-year-old daughter”

  1. Grant Sheehan says:

    The uncanny valley on this one is ridiculously deep. It’s her voice that does it.

  2. Boundegar says:

    I would pay extra for footage of the Target trip!

  3. kmoser says:

    I would like to see the part where she viciously rips off her “face” and the reactions of those around her.

  4. drunkenpastor says:

    “All kinds of people looking uncomfortable” is a huge understatement. Count me in.

    This was a great job. Having reflections on my ex wife for a few minutes here.  I mean, aside from the chin, dat’s her!
    I’m kidding.

    And the kid is really into it.  She seems like a natural. Getting into the part and everything. Then when she speaks normally, well, hell…I’m really confused by what I’m seeing and what’s reality.

    It’s like I want to write a psychological study on this or something.

    Or maybe I’ll start drinking heavily.

  5. drunkenpastor says:

    Can you post before and after’s on her? 

  6. Chris Palmer says:

    I have seen much worse prosthetic work on big budget movies and TV. Wow.

    • robuluz says:

      Was going to make the exact same comment.

    • euansmith says:

      It a shame Ridley didn’t get this guy to do the “old man” make up for Preposteus.

      This is some truly great make up; though it still doesn’t convince me that Trick or Treat is a good idea… bah, humbug…

  7. why is it that this story and the one it links to neglect to link to this mathew mungles instructions?

    •  http://books.google.com/books?id=OCFqWqtbfQ4C&pg=PT315&lpg=PT315&dq=Matthew+Mungle++gelatin+recipe&source=bl&ots=_vyk11n3I9&sig=Tkd1hQKPrLoyTZIe1GjaPhtCH78&hl=en&sa=X&ei=EBOTUIyxC6mJywHMooCgBg&ved=0CEgQ6AEwBg

      • i know i could have easily let my fingers do the walking in this situation but i feel if an article is going to mention something it should also link to it. i appreciate your help rob! i’ve been interested in doing makeup stuff since i was a kid and studied up on rick baker’s work but eventually fell into a world of graphic design and 3d art instead. having a kid of my own now might be something to get us both into doing more physical forms of art instead of digital.


  8. Jeff Peake says:

    She just won Halloween.

  9. Kevin Pierce says:

    At first I thought I was looking at Don Imus

  10. Henry Pootel says:

    High quality but I think you’re basically looking at a pro’s work after hours.

    • It’s still impressive.  There’s a lot of “pro” parents who can’t apply themselves their kids interests, even for one day a year.

      My dad had a PhD. in Chemistry (and had a successful career with it)… zero ability to help me with my high school chemistry homework.

    • ocker3 says:

       it’s not just the makeup, it’s what she does with it

  11. welcomeabored says:

    The fun of decrepitude would be wasted on the young.  Ya gotta be old to fully understand how to use ‘old’ to your advantage.

  12. Petzl says:

    Girl has moxie.

  13. zombiebob says:

    so did this kid get burnt at the stake or what?

  14. Bryan Silva says:

    I am the artist who created this. I am a professional digital artist who has been teaching myself make up effects in my spare time. This was my first full face prosthetic. Thank you to all who enjoyed both the make up and my daughters performance. We both really had fun with it. You can see some in progress shots here: 


    or if you dont have facebook you can see some shots here:


  15. James Smith says:

    The face was incredible, truly a top=notch professional job.  The hands might have actually been harder to do?  I thought my robot costume with a working tape drive was good in 1970, ( worked for IBM, then) but this is amazing.