Handmade radios from vintage parts

James from Retrothing sez, "Tom Kipgen makes radios using vintage parts and hand-wound coils. Absolutely stunning stuff."

Tom Kipgen's Designer Radios Site


  1. They’re very nice to look at, and the prices are quite reasonable for one-off radios of this build quality.

    1.  Amateur radio is still alive and kick’n. I’m hoping to upgrade to my (US) General-class license soon, and talk to folks on more popular bands than my Technician license will allow. Anyone DIYing morse keyers?

          1.  Not!  I gave away all my morse keys (including a very fast sideways job) to the seaman’s center and to a local school.  Except one type specimen that I will probably hack into a computer mouse.

    1. I’ve watched that video more often than normal people would. Can’t quite get over the Mr. Rogers music, but it’s beautiful work.

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