Han Solo as one of Andy's toys

There've been plenty of Disney/Star Wars mashups since the merger announcement, but this one wins for simplicity and execution.

You, are just, a toy. (i.imgur.com) (via The Mary Sue)


  1. And then Lucas goes and gives all the money away. What a douche. You can’t even be mad at him now.

  2. I don’t understand why anyone’s concerned about this. All most Star Wars fans have wanted for over a decade is for Lucas to have nothing to do with Star Wars. Now he’ll have nothing to do with it, and the future movies will hopefully be placed in the hands of passionate people who will make good things. Disney has a pretty good track record recently, what with doing right by both Marvel and the Muppets. I think this is all good news.

    I want a new, good Indiana Jones movie.

    1.  Since Lasseter is Chief Creative Officer at Disney now, as well as Head of Imagineering, it’s not as simple as that.

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