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5 Responses to “Haunted Mansion, the Little Long-Playing Record”

  1. Donald Petersen says:

    I had the board game… not the Clue one, but the Lakeside one from the early 1970s.  The gameplay was okay, but I always found the artwork enthralling.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard the record before.

  2. Nicole Raymond says:

    I LOVED this record when I was little.  Must’ve listened to it a thousand times.

  3. Steve White says:

    The weirdest episode of Arrested Development I’ve ever heard. 

  4. AquaDad18 says:

    It’s almost as good as The Cannibal Song from Jiminy Cricket’s Addition + Subtraction album that “teaches” math. Thurl Ravenscroft and Jiminy sing this most macabre and awesome song from a Disney album. I wore out the groove on that record in the 70s.