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62 Responses to “Rave like it's 1997”

  1. rekoil says:

    It’s “OONTZ”! At least it was on the east coast.

  2. SomeGuyNamedMark says:

    Looks like an aerobics class.

  3. “The music is changing my life.  And don’t even get me started on this gum!”

  4. kartwaffles says:

    Ukraine, 2012.

  5. Steve White says:

    Moms Jeans girl almost broke protocol and smiled.  

    • kartwaffles says:

       If this video really did happen in the mid 90’s, and if it happened in DC or Baltimore… I kind of recognize Mom Jeans Girl.

    • spocko says:

      At 40.4 seconds in she smiled for one frame and then stopped.
      It was probably just gas.

    • Wild Rumpus says:

      Dropped by to comment on Mom Jeans woman too…  If this is the Ukraine then maybe it makes sense, but I don’t think anyone in North America or UK wore pants like that for a night on the town in 1997…

  6. 1997? Clothing and genre would say this is a lot earlier … 1991 or 1992.

  7. spocko says:

    Is it just me, or does the close up still look like Ayn Rand?

  8. Frank W says:

    Must be Rotterdam. 

  9. RightReverendRex says:


  10. Timothy Krause says:

    You forgot the ORBITAL ORBITAL ORBITAL, but maybe that’s from earlier.

  11. I miss that scene so much. Bring it back!

  12. paddle2paddle says:

    More fun can not be had.

  13. blindidiotgod says:

    That’s gotta be earlier like others have said, ’90-91′. Although the uniformity of attire might make it a little later since, as far as I remember (my first rave was ‘Soltice’ in MTL), early raves were almost like costume parties.

  14. blindidiotgod says:

    Forgot to mention that our raves in Montreal sounded more like:
    sboom, sboom, sboom, sboom, sboom, into perpetuity or, boomboomboom, sboom, sboom, sboom, sboom, sboom, sboom, boomboomboom, sboom, sboom, sboom, etc…

  15. Drabula says:

    too many dicks on the dance floor

    • heligo says:

      Yeah my first thought was sausage fest!

      I can’t believe we’re all looking back on 1997 like it was such a long time ago – it was only yesterday! And yet it is a nice bit of nostalgia :)

      • ocker3 says:

         I don’t understand why the cameraperson didn’t spend more time on the tall woman with the glasses and sports bra, she looked like she was ready to show off for the camera

  16. mrtut says:

    Judging by outfit and self-confidence, definitely Rotterdam Gabber before 1995. The dance style was called hakkûh. No wooden shoes were harmed.


  17. michael heap says:

    meanwhile 8 years earlier – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pU4F706VsMA&feature=related

  18. Love the blown pupils and obsessive gum chewing.

    • I_of_Horus says:

      I don’t think that’s gum. Take enough speed (or related stimultants) and you get the involuntary chewing and tooth grinding. 

  19. Paul Bowen says:

    People were still going to raves in 97?

  20. Hugh Johnson says:

    Ahhh…back when the X wasn’t all crap…I remember those days…sort of.

  21. rob_cornelius says:

    E’s and wizz… making white people dance since the late 80s

  22. Cowicide says:

    As music genre bandwidth expired in the 90’s, we saw desperation set in.  Sad, sad desperation to find something “novel” where there was none available.  There are no new music genres, only sub-genres.  Get over it and instead focus on and refine the genres that exist… because there will never be any new ones.  Music genre has limited bandwidth and we reached the saturation point well over a decade ago.

  23. What boringly dressed ravers. I feel like late-1990s Kansas City put a lot more effort into the costumes. But, then, my memory of that time might not be the most reliable record. 

  24. Spent a large chunk of my youth going to these parties. I was straightedge then, but these parties were awesome, the nicest people ever, all be it ‘helped’ by chemistry. If the year the video mentions is correct, the scene had by then moved on from X to the much cheaper speed. It had its effect and not in a good way. The dress: it was colorful training suits, usually by Australian or Carvello, they would set you back some 300 dollars, but hey they were reversible! And Nike Air Max. Outside, they’d wear blue bomber jackets, with orange lining. 
    Oh this definitely Holland, or maybe Belgium at the Antwerp docks.

    • OoerictoO says:

      heh.  we had a crew of straight-edge party-goers in NYC too.  damn i did a lot of dangerous stuff back then, just not the drugs.  NYC party scene was affected by the influx of meth and coke too.  bunch of pent-up angry crashing people are no fun.

  25. darladoon says:

    that is why i always preferred the chill room

    mixmaster morris, the orb, spacetime continuum, et al

  26. Mister44 says:

    Love rave music – but I never attended one. I don’t have round glasses or gum, so I may not have fit in well.

  27. niktemadur says:

    If I’m gonna listen to techno, I much, much prefer the type that’s good for deep listening with headphones or for driving, so give me Underworld any time.

  28. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Bloodhound Gang has a song called Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss.  Warning:  Jimmy Pop gets a blowjob from a dog in the video.

  29. Guest says:

    Let’s lobby CBS to do a prime-time rerun of that episode!

  30.  Jesus, this is awesome, remember when rave had a sence of humor and wasn’t all dour intellectual think-techno.

  31. Jeremy Wilson says:

    When I tell people I was a raver in the mid-90s they are flabbergasted since I seem so anti-social and nerdy.  What can I say, X is a hell of a drug.

  32. jbond says:

    Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse in Lewisham, or Wembley, or Handsworth or some other UK light-industrial wasteland, 3-Nov-2012. Psy-Trance!

    Now why does this stuff remind me of the Hitler Youth?

  33. Gee says:

    Gabber, pretty tame Gabber at that… This is from Thunderdome somewhere in NL. Nederlands is the best country on earth gotverdomme kut!!!