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5 Responses to “Sea Lions at Anacapa with Bamboo Reef”

  1. lorq says:

    I am now cheered up.  Thank you.

  2. I just don’t know how people can do things like that. All I can see watching that is a 20 foot GREAT WHITE SHARK lurking just below them in the depths ready to rise up at any moment for a “snack”.

    • wrecksdart says:

       It’s been my (damned scary) experience that when the Landlord shows up, the seals head out at high speed.  Surfing glassy-calm seas in an almost totally enveloping fog off of Waddell Creek (just north of Santa Cruz, CA, and just east of Ano Nuevo Island), I noticed that the sea lions frolicking in our midst suddenly high-tailed it for the beach.  Granted, I didn’t see any sharks, but I figured it best to follow them in.
      I’ve gotta hand it to divers who shot this video–that’s hardcore.

  3. pgt says:

    Fast, agile animals such as sealions and deer are fast and agile *because* of predators such as Great White Sharks and wolves. The slow and clumsy ones are eaten.


  4. jkg says:

     yeah, hanging around sea lions in that part of the ocean (we just had a fatal attack on the coast last week by a great white) is perhaps not such a great idea, although I do appreciate the video.