Sea Lions at Anacapa with Bamboo Reef

Carole McNutt caught this fantastic film of sea lions having an absolute BALL. For over an hour we all just marveled at these playful, beautiful, incredible animals. It was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had.

The dive was part of a 3 day trip to the Northern Channel Islands of California with Bamboo Reef. I am a huge fan of their trips on the Vision.


  1. I just don’t know how people can do things like that. All I can see watching that is a 20 foot GREAT WHITE SHARK lurking just below them in the depths ready to rise up at any moment for a “snack”.

    1.  It’s been my (damned scary) experience that when the Landlord shows up, the seals head out at high speed.  Surfing glassy-calm seas in an almost totally enveloping fog off of Waddell Creek (just north of Santa Cruz, CA, and just east of Ano Nuevo Island), I noticed that the sea lions frolicking in our midst suddenly high-tailed it for the beach.  Granted, I didn’t see any sharks, but I figured it best to follow them in.
      I’ve gotta hand it to divers who shot this video–that’s hardcore.

  2. Fast, agile animals such as sealions and deer are fast and agile *because* of predators such as Great White Sharks and wolves. The slow and clumsy ones are eaten.


  3.  yeah, hanging around sea lions in that part of the ocean (we just had a fatal attack on the coast last week by a great white) is perhaps not such a great idea, although I do appreciate the video.

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