Time-lapse video of Hurricane Sandy hitting NYC: 2 days into 2 minutes

Two days of extreme Sandy weather condensed into two minutes. Created by SMvideoChan, who told Yahoo News it was shot at Northside Piers Towers in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The bridge you see is the Williamsburg Bridge. The time-lapse covers two days of the hurricane's assault on New York, from the early morning of October 29 through Oct. 30. [ Video Link]


4 Responses to “Time-lapse video of Hurricane Sandy hitting NYC: 2 days into 2 minutes”

  1. Stefan Jones says:

    I’d love to see this from more angles. I’d love to see a view of a single street where the shit hit the fan.

  2. BombBlastLightingWaltz says:

    At about 1:06 its starts getting exciting but quickly dampens. 

  3. nehpetsE says:

    the tides come in, the tides go out. You can’t explain that!

  4. gamophyte says:

    This is amazing. The police lights when it goes dark looks like coloured sparks. Awesome.

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