Trapped in the Dark: Sandy leaves many elderly stranded in NYC

Mike Mechanic at Mother Jones says,

For the past few days, my father (late 70s) and my aunt (early 80s) have been stuck without power, light, running water, 12-13 stories up in NYC apartment buildings with pitch-black stairwells. They're pretty able, fortunately. In any case, my dad just abandoned ship and left the city today. My aunt is staying put, with help from the building management. But this is really a major problem that I haven't seen covered. When people outside of the big city think of power out, it seems like a minor inconvenience. Not so when you're living on the 14th floor—or the 28th. I suggested to our NYC-based multimedia producer James West and editorial fellow Tim McDonnell that they pick a building and suss out the situation. They came back yesterday with this heartrending video.