Jeff Simmermon at Time Warner Cable's HQ in NYC writes: "To help New Yorkers in hard-hit areas like Lower Manhattan and Staten Island who are without power, we are deploying multiple vehicles with mobile charging stations and free WiFi access points. Local residents are welcome to charge their consumer devices such as smartphones and laptops and access a 4G WiFi connection. New Yorkers can follow @TWCable_NYC on Twitter to learn the location of the vehicles, which will make extended stops initially this afternoon in the residential areas of the Chinatown, Flatiron district and West Village."

2 Responses to “TWC setting up mobile Wi-Fi hotspots and recharging stations in lower Manhattan”

  1. Harold says:

    Before I read the article, I totally thought you meant the Weather Channel.

  2. Timothy Krause says:

    I saw a few folks yesterday who were doing this out of a car in the financial district:

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