Disney unveils possible post-acquisition Star Wars film titles

"Droid Story," "Darth White and the Seven Sandpeople," "Finding Yoda," and more. HowToBeaDad (via @laughingsquid)


  1. C3POcchio, which is actually Episodes I-VI, but Antony Daniels gets out of his suit at the end.

    Hard Time on Planet Hoth: a comedy series about an assassin droid mistakenly sent to help the rebels as a maintenance droid.

    And 101 Jawas should definitely be 101 Palpatians.

    1. Please don’t let Jar Jar sing “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, meesa will say, My oh my, what a wonderful Dagobah!”  Otherwise we’ll only get to see it on Japanese laserdisc.

  2. Around the World in 12 Parsecs
    Honey I Blew Up the Planet
    The Princess Leia Diaries
    It’s a Parent Trap!
    Mulan-do Calrissian
    The (G)-Force
    A New Hope Springs

    If they bought up some more studios, they could also do:
    The Millennium Falcon and the Snowman
    The Mothma Prophesies

  3. Some friends and I had a running list going on Facebook the other morning:

    Sith Family Robinson

    Kessel Runnings

    The Saber in the Stone

    Finding Alderaan

    Endor: The Last Rainforest

    Chitty Chitty Bantha


    Wookie and the Beast

    Gundars and Broomsticks

    A Bantha’s Life

    Hoth Needs Moms

    Aladdin 2: The Return of Jarjar

    Who Framed Anakin Skywalker?


    The Mighty Hutts

    Muppets Take Mos Eisley

    Alice in Wampaland

    Old Yoda

    Beverly Hills Tonton

    The Suite Life of Han & Chewy

    Steamboat Wookie

    A Carbonite Carol

    At-Ats In the Infield

    Honey, I Blew Up the Deathstar

    The Hunchback of Dagobah

    Moff Tarkin’s Wild Ride

    TIE Story

    Babes in TIEland

    Obi the Hunted

    Where the Red Squadron Grows

    The Absent Minded Kenobi

    Air Boba

    Lando & Stitch

    Hot Leia and Cold Feet

    Confessions of a Teenage Nerf Herder

    The Gungan King

    When You Wish Upon A Deathstar

    1. I’d watch that.  While still flying down the rabbit hole, “I’m already on my way out.”

  4. Funny to see all the suggestions that are parodies of Pixar movies, rather than Disney originals. (2 of the 3 in the OP are Pixar-derivatives). Yeah, I know Pixar is now owned by Disney, but consider this: 

    Disney bought Pixar in 2006 (the year “Cars” came out, though one could argue that “Cars” was still Disney untouched since it was near-completion when the deal happened). Up until that point, Disney was only in charge of production, and Pixar was otherwise an independent studio.

    So if we refer to “Toy Story”, or “Finding Nemo”, or “Monsters, Inc.” (etc) as Disney films, will we also be doing the same in 5-10 years with Star Wars episodes I-VI? (At least we could retroactively blame Disney for the Xmas special then, I guess)

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