Friday Freak-Out: Moby Grape on the Mike Douglas Show (1968)

Friday Freak-Out: Moby Grape performs "Omaha" on the Mike Douglas Show, January 10, 1968.


  1. I read that Robert Pollard of Guided By Voices was a fan of Moby Grape. He at least name dropped them. I can kind of hear it in this one.

    1.  Er, ya need to bone up on some of the forgotten psychedelic bands of the sixties. Well, well, worth the time and listen and listen, it’s like that night bird that flew threw yr ears,  leaving a flap, flap, flap that calmed you, soothed you, let you know where you were and weren’t

  2. Jerry Miller (guitar) still plays around Santa Cruz with a couple of ex-Doobies in a pretty sharp bar band.

  3. It’s not on YouTube, but Spirit performed Fresh Garbage on Donald O’Connor’s short-lived afternoon show at about the same time.  Culture clash city!  Still remember it after all these years; if anyone can track down a tape of it you’ll be my hero forever.

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