Halo 4, November 6th. I'm taking the day off.

How do you have a hero's journey when he is already a hero?

What are the sacrifices that you need to make in order to preserve something as precious as humanity?

John 117. He is more than a hero, he is the Master Chief. I grew accustomed to the occasional November release of a new Halo title. I'd live and die with the Chief, fighting my way through impossible situations while always knowing that Spartans never die.

Then they took him away from us.

After several Halo titles focused on other aspects of the Halo universe, on November 6 the Chief returns. Above is a "behind the scenes" video from the guys at 343; it gives me great hope they got this right. They talk about the hero's journey and show us the human side of this great warrior. You can bet I've pre-ordered the game and will be playing as soon as it arrives.

I also loved this video on "heroes".