Ow! My Balls!: The scientific survey


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  1. DE says:

    69%, you say?

  2. huskerdont says:

    69%, you say?

  3. jandrese says:

    Why is that surprising?  Are womanly bits supposed to be indestructible or something?   While they are better protected than the guy versions, a wild swing of a golf club can do damage regardless. 

  4. GeekMan says:

    Those gags in 80s movies where a girl kicks another girl in the groin, and the other girl just smirks and says: “Not used to fighting other ladies, huh?” before laying her opponent out with a well-placed right-hook? Yeah… not so much.

    Nobody likes a kick in the junk. 

  5. MonkeyBoy says:

    Some people wind up needing Labiaplasty (NSFW) due to injuries. (Wow some people have put a lot of work and pictures into that Wikipedia article, almost like they have a fetish)

  6. Lobster says:

    Tired of genitourinary injuries caused by ordinary bats?  New!  http://thumbnails.hulu.com/44/40039044/40039044_384x288_generated.jpg

  7. SamSam says:

    Oh my, this reminds me of the leg-crossing Vagina Monologue about the girl who broke her “coochie-snorcher.”

    The best/most cringe-worthy part was when the girl’s father tells her that they’re going to fix her up and “get you the best coochie-snorcher money can buy, and when you get a husband, he’s going to know it was custom made for him.”

    [Paraphrasing, memory may be bad]

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