Ow! My Balls!: The scientific survey

Between 2002 and 2010, 142,144 adults went to the emergency room with "genitourinary" injuries. Sporting equipment (bikes, bats, various balls) were the products most likely to be involved in such an injury, appearing in 30% of all cases. This is probably not a surprise to anyone who has watched "America's Funniest Home Videos". What is a little surprising: Men only accounted for 69% of the injuries. Ow. My ovaries. (Via Ivan Oransky)


  1. Why is that surprising?  Are womanly bits supposed to be indestructible or something?   While they are better protected than the guy versions, a wild swing of a golf club can do damage regardless. 

    1. Mainly because, as a lady, such an injury has only really happened to me once (unfortunate pogo stick accident when I was in grade school). And I can’t remember seeing it happen to any other ladies around me. Whereas, it seems like guys are getting smacked in the nuts all the time. 

      1. Contrary to what TV or movies like Jackass tell you, most guys try to avoid getting hit in the jewels. 

  2. Those gags in 80s movies where a girl kicks another girl in the groin, and the other girl just smirks and says: “Not used to fighting other ladies, huh?” before laying her opponent out with a well-placed right-hook? Yeah… not so much.

    Nobody likes a kick in the junk. 

  3. Oh my, this reminds me of the leg-crossing Vagina Monologue about the girl who broke her “coochie-snorcher.”

    The best/most cringe-worthy part was when the girl’s father tells her that they’re going to fix her up and “get you the best coochie-snorcher money can buy, and when you get a husband, he’s going to know it was custom made for him.”

    [Paraphrasing, memory may be bad]

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