Play RPGs, board games and mini golf tomorrow—at your library


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  1. Peter says:

    Disappointed that I could only find 2-3 in Canada.

    What happened to you, Canada?  You used to be cool.

    Okay, you were always nerdy, but at least nerdy in the cool way that is right up this event’s alley.  

  2. jandrese says:

    I’m disappointed, I live in a densely populated area (Northern Virginia area) and the closest participating library is over 45 minutes away and in a different county.

    I have 24 libraries in my county (Fairfax) serving over a million people and none of them are participating. 

  3. zantony says:

    I just wanted to note something for folks in the Twin Cities.  The Hennepin County Library will have Games Day events at 6 area libraries on November 10, a week from tomorrow.  (Long story short: Our program catalogs went to print prior to IGD being moved from the 10th to the 3rd.)  The IGD map does list a couple of Hennepin County libraries, but those are for the 10th.  We won’t be part of the online tournaments, but we will have plenty of games to play!

  4. This looks like a great event, but the only library near me that is participating is also an early voting location. That is going to be MADNESS!

  5. Nick Bonzey says:

    I went, brought my own games.  Glad I did, they only had kid games.  No one else seemed interested, so played a couple games of Carcasone with my lady and left.  I can drink beer and play games at home.

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