Sequencing of barley genome could have implications for home brewers


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  1. oasisob1 says:

    As long as we don’t suddenly have copyright issues with brewing…

    • Krystin Norman says:

      I think you meant to refer to patents on biologically engineered organisms, as copyright is not an issue (you might want to look up the differences between patents and copyrights). Patenting has already been done with yeast strains, and plenty of plants such as wheat. Sequencing the genome of an organism does not give you the right to have a patent on it, it just gives you information about the subtle differences between variants of that species, or sub-species.

  2. phazeaction says:


  3. Jonathan Badger says:

    sequenced the genome of barley…
    Crop researchers can use genome maps…
    …learning about barley’s genetic code

    No offense Maggie, and you are far from being the only science writer who does this (the linked article itself makes the map/sequence error), but as a genomicist myself it is frustrating how a genome sequence, a genome map, and a genetic code get conflated in scientific journalism. They are three completely different things.

    • Joe Vanegas says:

      Maggie comment is correct that maps are particularly useful. You make a good point that they don’t have one for barley; they have raw sequence.

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