Snoop Lion's "La La La"

I got a kick out of Snoop, er, Lion's new video "La La La" from his new album Reincarnated. To me, the beginning with the kids shows me that he has a sense of humor about how ridiculous it all is. Also, the song is produced by the most excellent Major Lazer.


  1. Of course Major Lazer didn’t have a whole lot of work to do, as that fine riddim was laid down decades ago in Ken Boothe’s “Artibella”

    1. Diplo has been dry-humping that sample for years now. How many different artists and remixes has he used it on, five? Twenty?

  2. good for him, exploring and creating. sorely miss the time bending, just behind and ahead of the beat deal, he does so well though

  3. A genuine question here– is there any reason why he suddenly shifts into acting like he didn’t grow up speaking English? Seems weird and insulting to hear him suddenly start talking like he’s from some island.

    1. Consider for a moment, were you insulted when Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, or UB40 did it? or when the Kinks did Calypso?  Its a musical genre and performers communicate with it. Modest Menzinsky didn’t pretend to grow up in Italy for singing as Pagliacci.

        1. I know, I can’t stand it when I think it’s a black guy singing and it turns out to be a white Welshman or something…

  4. As a fan of both Snoop Dogg and Major Lazer, I can safely say the OKness of this video doesn’t make up for the absolute blandness of that crappy crappy song.

  5. I’m actually impressed that Snoop “reincarnated” by co-operatig with someone as awesome as Jovi Rockwell, rather than pretending to be some sort of oldskool top-dogg. The infusion of humor is also super positive.

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