IMDB's top 250 movies mashed into a 2.5m clip

Jonathan Keogh's "IMDB Top 250 in 2 1/2 Minutes" is a masterful mix, and a lovely tribute to popular film. As Colin Douma notes, "How much this would have cost if they sourced legal rights to each clip?" Not to mention the music. Watch it now before it's censored forever!

IMDB Top 250 in 2 1/2 Minutes


  1. The preview freeze-frame I’m seeing at the top of this page is the piano scene from Big (1988), which isn’t anywhere near the top 250.  There may be some others too – I think I spotted “When Harry Met Sally”.

    Good fun, though.  I think my eyes are going to fall out now.

    1. The IMDb lists are becoming increasingly dominated by fanbois. Shichinin no Samurai used to be in the top 10; now it’s down to 17 to make room for The Dark Knight. Shawshank Redemption has been number one as long as I’ve had a computer, though.

    2. It went to number one when The Dark Knight came out. It’s fans voted The Godfather (previous holder of the number one spot) a 1, sight unseen, to make room for their false god TDK, which they naturally voted a 10. Shawshank is the least hated film on the list, hence its high placement, I suppose.

    1. Actually, the fun part is realizing that you know particular films in just short fractions of a second. There’s gotta be a psych experiment here…

  2. See also this compilation – 100 Years of British Films in 6 Minutes, which was put together for the UK/LA Film Festival in 1994 (I was there, my Dad organised it):

    1.  Pffthffthfthhth. That was aid with a flapping of the lips. And please, would everyone stop using that hackneyed word “meh?” It’s so 2010.

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