Twitter planning to add annoying photo-filters to compete with Instagram's annoying photo-filters

Great news, you guys! Soon, you'll be able to tweet iPhone or Android snapshots of your sandwich in sepia, without even having to download Instagram. Nick Bilton at the NYT got the scoop.


  1. Am I alone in thinking that some of the instagram effects are decidedly not annoying? I hardly think that instagram was such a big hit because everyone was annoyed by photos that at least seem to have a little more soul than the lifeless digital images that most phone cams are/were capable of.

    1. It is popular because people like it, allot. Wich is fine, doesn’t bother me personally. It is a shame though that the trend seems to be that a filter is seen as giving a photo personality, rather then what it actually captures.

      It’s a personal choice and personal taste, but I think people’s photo’s would end up getting better if they concentrated more on what and how they caputred an image rather then the post processing part.

  2. I imagine an Onion headline like “Forty-somethings In 2050’s Lament Childhood Photos Ruined By Parent’s Trendy Camera-Phone Applications”. 

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