Twitter planning to add annoying photo-filters to compete with Instagram's annoying photo-filters


7 Responses to “Twitter planning to add annoying photo-filters to compete with Instagram's annoying photo-filters”

  1. Instagram contact lenses are the obvious next step.

    Death to Instagram, Long live the New Retina!

  2. vonbobo says:

    Sepia Sandwich!

  3. Daniel Ewing says:

    Am I alone in thinking that some of the instagram effects are decidedly not annoying? I hardly think that instagram was such a big hit because everyone was annoyed by photos that at least seem to have a little more soul than the lifeless digital images that most phone cams are/were capable of.

    • Frederik says:

      It is popular because people like it, allot. Wich is fine, doesn’t bother me personally. It is a shame though that the trend seems to be that a filter is seen as giving a photo personality, rather then what it actually captures.

      It’s a personal choice and personal taste, but I think people’s photo’s would end up getting better if they concentrated more on what and how they caputred an image rather then the post processing part.

  4. W Thomas says:

    I imagine an Onion headline like “Forty-somethings In 2050′s Lament Childhood Photos Ruined By Parent’s Trendy Camera-Phone Applications”. 

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