Davis Graveyard: totally kick-ass haunters


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  1. Itsumishi says:

    10 Points for the Arnold J. Rimmer tombstone!

    What a Smeg head indead!

  2. Henry Pootel says:

    The vagueness of “In the Pacific Northwest” is amusingly, though probably not intentionally naive.

    After looking at a map, I feel fairly confident in saying for example, “If you ever get to the UK, there is this pub with a festival on June first you just have to see.”

  3. Hank says:

    I live 2 miles from this and never knew it existed. Boo belated boos.

  4. pahool says:

    I sure would love to see Dan create another issue of the Journal of Ride Theory. Another guest spot on Over The Edge would be amazing too. The Ride Theory Shows, plus a Piddle Diddle Disneyland, are some of my favorite Over The Edge shows.

  5. Chris Davis says:

    Thanks Dan for the great write up.  We have been haunting for about 13 years and we always challenge ourselves to build better props each year!  I gotta go….only 359 days until Halloween!

    Jeff & Chris Davis (and the marvelous Davis Graveyard crew)

  6. I love the description “amateur yard display of near theme-park quality”. I don’t think any haunter consider the Davis’ amateur but it is a brilliant description. The Davis’ are masters of their craft. Great article about an amazing Haunt.

  7. Our family visits the Davis Graveyard every Halloween! We love to see what’s new, and to see our old favorites. How can you not love a yard display with a grave that reads: “Captain Hammer will save us. —Penny” ?

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