3D printed vegan Kosher Moebius bacon

Duann from Shapeways sez, "Infinite bacon is now possible direct from Shapeways 3D printers. The dream of 3D printing food, infinite possibilities, infinite supply is now possible with the ultimate food to infinity, 3D printed Bacon Mobius Strip. Finally it is possible, infinite 3D printed bacon with the Bacon Mobius Strip that is not delicious but also vegan and kosher friendly."

3D Printing Bacon to Infinity (VIDEO)


  1. “the Bacon Mobius Strip that is not delicious”
    You’re really selling us on this printer bacon.

    1. I was quite concerned that it might be delicious, thus luring me into its vegan kosher ways (‘cuz that’s less then one step removed from halal, and OMG SHARIA!!!), and was thus reassured to learn that it is not delicious.

  2. non Kosher food is anything that is an abomination in the eyes of the lord, and that right there is indeed an abomination and should be smitten by the righteous.

  3. Using a millisecond subliminal frames in a video is banned by most countries and considered a despicable method to fool the masses and for increasing sales… – Shapeways.. what can you expect.

      1. They didn’t, I did (I’m the designer and shop owner, and creator of the video). And it’s not a subliminal message, unless it’s supposed to give you an extreme urge to copulate with Mr. Kevin Bacon, it’s a joke (the whole design is a joke). Take it easy, I can assure you that you haven’t been brainwashed entirely, some neurons might still be firing.

  4. So, if you want to keep kosher and vegan at the same time, your only food option is plastic?  But delicious-looking plastic is OK with the Lord? And the… um… vegan mafia or whatever?

  5. You can get real bacon just like this from pigs that are topologically identical to Klein bottles.

  6. “Infinite?”  A Moebius strip is no more “infinite” than a circle.  If anything, it’s less infinite, having fewer surfaces and edges.

    1. As a path to trace one’s finger around, it would be infinite. As a food source, the complexity of a 3D printer seems like it would make this stuff more likely finite than just plants or pigs that could keep reproducing.

      Except, you know, heat death of the universe and all that.

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