A is For: All of Us - Standing Up for Reproductive Rights

When we founded A Is For, we envisioned people from all walks of life: men, women, gay, straight, trans, religious, and atheist standing together to show the world that women’s rights are human rights. Now, just a few months later, we see that happening before our eyes in our A Is For launch video. People--both familiar and new--are wearing the scarlet A, standing up for reproductive rights, and telling the world what their A stands for. There’s some funny shit in there, too.

As each person tells the camera what their A stands for, the common bond between them becomes apparent: when the rights to one's own physical autonomy and self determination come under attack, everyone has an obligation to stand up and speak out. Because if you think it can’t happen to you, you’re sadly mistaken.

This project doesn’t end after Election Day; it will continue until women’s reproductive choices are no longer held hostage by the agendas of politicians and churches. We’re in this for long haul and we’d love for you to join us. To find out how to get your own A ribbon, and to become a part of this project, please visit A is For.

A is For all of us.


  1. This video is emblematic of everything that is wrong with the pro-abortion movement. Were NONE of the people in the video willing to say the word “abortion?” The right to kill an unborn child (and to not get knocked up with an unwanted one) should not be soft pedaled with smarmy euphemisms.

    How about a W site for “Why do we abort?”

    We abort to spare an unwanted child a loveless life filled with lingering issues of abandonment.

    We abort so we are not forced to be some rapist’s breeding machine.

    We abort because the father is an unfit inbred and/or sociopathic asshole.

    We abort so a miscarriage doesn’t make me bleed to death.

    We abort to prevent a deformed child from a tortured existence with no quality of life.

    The opponents of abortion are teaching their kids that’s it God’s Commandment to breed (Yes, like the Cylons) and that abortion is leading to the extinction of the white race, so ubiquitous abstractions aren’t going to penetrate.

    “You ever notice that most of the women who are against abortion are women you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place?”

    -George Carlin

    1. I totally agree with you.  Abortion is definitely the killing of life but then so is war and capital punishment, etc.  The pro choice proponents should just quit trying to distance pro-choice from abortion.  We make our own rules so what’s wrong with just saying you can kill a fetus until it’s actually born?  The right to life movement is about power, not life.
      Heh heh, George Carlin was awesome!

    2.  Those who push for restrictions on abortions also usually push for cuts to social services, meaning that people who don’t get abortions have fewer social programs to help them raise those children. They also usually push for abstinence-only sex-ed, which has a shocking failure rate. They can’t have it both ways.

  2. i dont understand why there has to be such  a hard left or right stance on this, is it really that unreasonable for someone to argue that a late term fetus that could be delivered and survive is anything other than a human life that shouldn’t be discarded? 

    and is it really unreasonable for someone to argue that a small clump of rapidly dividing cells that yet lack any semblance to a independent organism could be removed without any moral repercussions? 

    why do both sides have to be so pig headed and down right poisonous

    religious types need to stop calling people who get abortions murderers, leave that for God to decide

    pro choicers need to stop calling for the abortions of the disabled, seriously? thats down right offensive, do you go up to people in wheel chairs and and kids with down syndrome and tell them that they should have been aborted? 

    stop assuming that the other side is evil or ignorant, there’s a good chance they aren’t any more evil or ignorant that you are

    1. Where are these “pro-abortion” people calling for abortions of the disabled?  Links and verbatim quotes, please, because words matter.

        1. Pro-Choice means it’s just that: the woman’s choice. We don’t question her reasons for having an abortion because it’s none of our business. 

          Many birth defects also impact the health of the mother, making the pregancy riskier for both mother and child; I think most people would consider abortion a rational choice in that circumstance. Still, pro-choice means it’s all down to the woman.

          It feels sordid, wrong, maybe even evil to abort a pregancy because its the wrong gender, or because you believe in eugenics, or you don’t like BC/condoms. But why should my or anyone else’s opinion matter more than those of the woman actually carrying the unwanted burden? 

      1. you don’t have to go far to find a quote, one comment above mine actually, I have a friend who’s daughter was born handicapped, as a mother she gets disturbing comments from strangers all the time

        “We abort to prevent a deformed child from a tortured existence with no quality of life.” -unit_1421

    2. pro choicers need to stop calling for the abortions of the disabled, seriously?

      Do please provide some credible citations for that. The thing about pro choice is that it’s pro CHOICE.

      1. i guess ‘calling for’ was the wrong way to phrase it, suggesting that a disabled person/ child should have been aborted is exceedingly rude, that is what i was getting at

        i dont have any cited sources other than my own experiences and interactions with people, i guess im being crucified here for some sloppy phrasing,

        but the point i was trying to make is that both sides have thier reasonable arguments and their bat s**t crazy arguments, we could go along way by being more kind and understanding with each other

        1. No. What you call “bat s**t crazy” I call terrorism. Both sides are not the same. We on the pro-choice side do not have the equivalent of James Kopps and Scott Roeders who murder people. We do not photograph and follow protesters as they carry about their lives, we do not picket outside their homes, outside the homes of their landlords, and their landlord’s families.

        2. No… it’s your assertion that “suggesting that a disabled person/child should have been aborted” has anything to do with pro-choice. Note the part “should”. Is that pro-choice in your opinion? Is somebody calling for “should have aborted” a pro-choice person? Do you have any idea where the person saying such horrible things to a mother actually stands wrt pro-choice/pro-life? Or do you just assume? I would not be at all surprised if some of them were actually pro-life, although I would guess most of them do not have an actual opinion on the matter… other than pro-my-a**hole-views.

  3. Good luck with this thread, Antinous! Continually pulling it up out of a swirling toilet isn’t a job I’d wanna have.

      1. God, I love you, man!  Now I realize why you do this job so well, absent a truly whopping paycheck.

  4. The idea that a rape apologia is even ON THE TABLE infuriates me.

    I’m male. Even if my own wife is raped, I’m not personally going to kill the guy. I’m going to do everything in my power to send him to prison for life. 

    But if my wife is raped, and a third party FORCES us – or, more appropriately, her – to keep that prick’s kid? That third party is going to hurt at MY hands.    

    The apologia is WORSE than the act. Rape is NOT up for negotiation.

  5. “pro choicers need to stop calling for the abortions of the disabled,”

    Is this a common stance of pro-choice people? Really? That sounds like Eugenics, not pro-choice. It is up to parents, with the advice of doctors, etc., to make that kind of choice, which sounds pretty libertarian to me.

    I’m good friends with two people in wheel chairs, one male, one female, with different medical conditions, both congenital, both can’t live without assistance. Both should have died before 10, but they’re 25+ now and have Uni degrees. One of them, going for his PhD, wishes he wasn’t born. He’s not about to take his own life, but if it was his choice, he wouldn’t have been born. There is no hard position I can take on that kind of issue, it’s a highly personal choice.

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