This week's The Walking Dead recap reminds us all that this "isn't kid stuff" [SPOILERS]


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  1. Lotney says:

    They tell you to be careful with what you wish for. I’ve been praying for this to happen since season 1 and now that it happened it left me devastated.
    That’s some good writing right there…. Big balls AMC… hats off to you.

  2. nvlady says:

    This was the most amazing episode of the series to date. I’m still holding out hope for Carol. I like her a lot.

    The show reflects a layering of characters, like it would happen if something this devastating did occur. They ebb and flow, some making an impact and some just passing by.

    As long a Daryl is still alive, I’m okay.

  3. Peter G. says:

    The real question is: Who is mowing the grass on the field?

    • Peter says:

       Without humans or animals inside, zombies graze like sheep.  We just never see that side of them because as soon as a human gets near enough, they perk up and start snarling. 

    • ericmonse says:

      It’s the same person who keeps Rick’s stubble the same length, month after month.

    • Mister44 says:

      The real question is who is keeping the dead, shot in the head prisoners from decomposing the last, what, 10 months or so?

  4. Ian Fay says:

    Please stop trying to force these TV recaps.

    I love this site, and have been reading it for ages, but this is not a TV site.

    I know TV recaps are the in thing, and they’re basically easy pageviews, but it’s beneath you folks. Be better than every other site out there that’s jumping on this bandwagon.


    • sdmikev says:

       why?  there are a lot of people that follow boing boing who enjoy walking dead.  what’s the problem?

    • jclor says:

      Helpful Interweb Hint: that scroll wheel in your mouse moves the main page past posts you don’t want to read.

    • Ryan Holmes says:

       But then I enjoy them! And so do other people! Oh good lord!

    • Halloween_Jack says:

      Please get your own blog and become the change that you want to see.

      I know that feeling like you have a right to dictate the content of a site because you happened to click on it is the in thing, but it’s beneath you. Be better than every other whiner out there who’s jumping on the entitlement bandwagon.


  5. signsofrain says:


    This was a pretty decent episode! Poor T-Dog… given almost nothing to do for most of the show’s run, then killed. At least he got a hero’s death. And Lori, well, I won’t miss her character much. Ever since she flipped that car not paying attention to the road I thought that she was too stupid to live. At least this makes Carl a lot more interesting and is likely the triggering event for Rick losing his shit and being stripped of his leadership (as in the comic)

    Also, how do approaching hordes of undead keep not getting noticed until they’re 10 feet away? 

    Also… Andrea should know better than to trust Merle. Also Michonne is a terrible strategist. Sure, tell the guy you suspect of being a murderous psycho exactly what you think of him! Comic Michonne wouldn’t be so stupid. 

    Also we’ve seen the governor… I wanna see friday night zombie fights!

    Also @twitter-119130280:disqus forget telling BB what or what not to post. I’ve been down that road, it leads to Antinous snarking at you. Turn back! I’m an AV Club reader for TV stuff but I enjoy the contrast with what gets posted here. Different take on the episode, different discussion. It’s just fun, if you don’t like it just keep on scrollin’ !

  6. IronEdithKidd says:

    Excellent point about the viewer (or Maggie, for that matter) not seeing Carl shoot Lori.  Wouldn’t that make for a devestating TV moment if Rick finds the former-Lori shambling down a prison hall? 

    • sdmikev says:

      I hope they don’t do that.  That’s kind of “cheating” in a way.
      That said, this episode was excellent and brutal.

      • Donald Petersen says:

        Yeah, that’d be cheating.  Sure, Carl’s just a kid, but it’s not like he hasn’t been headshotting moving targets all season now.  And part of the point of his character’s very existence is how this new life is stripping away every vestige of sentimentality from him.

        If she ain’t gone for good, then someone needs their WGA card revoked.

  7. David Guerrero says:

    There seems to be a theme in this episode about people we think are dead who aren’t. I hope Carl didn’t really shot Lori and Carol gets to Lori and saves her. Then again, that just might piss me off.

  8. margaretpoa says:

    First Dale, now T-Dog and Lori and possibly Carol all in the same episode? Look, I like gritty and unpredictable as well as the next person but they’re killing all my favorite characters and I’m tempted to not watch again. Personally, I think Carol survived, (though it’s unclear how she could have exited the same door as Rick, Daryl and the inmates and not been seen by Herschel and daughter #2). If they kill off Carol, Glenn or Daryl, I’m outta here. I never liked Rick and Carl has always been zombie bait.

    • L_Mariachi says:

      Agreed, Carol started off annoyingly weepy and useless but she’s grown on me. I like Glenn but I can see him sacrificing himself for Maggie to dramatic effect. But if Daryl dies before Carl? I’ma burn some shit down.

  9. nvlady says:

    Lori died during childbirth. She’s gone. And they did start calling T-Dog, ‘T’ this season. I mean, he hung around for longer then people thought. Oh, I loathe Andrea as much as I loathed Lori. She’s smug, self important and oblivious. How can she NOT be on her guard? I hope she gets taken out.

  10. chgoliz says:

    First, since I don’t go to TV sites, I’ll just put this here: FUCK YEAH, T-DOG!  Most heroic self-sacrifice of the series so far, for me.  And completely believable.  You know that’s exactly how he would do it.  I too wish he’d had more of a complex story arc, but at least he went out right.

    As for Carl….it had been bothering me that Lori was treating him as if they were still living in Mayberry.  In reality, through most of human history (including a lot of the world right now) 12-year-olds do a lot of adult jobs and face a lot of danger on a daily basis.  Acting like Carl is supposed to still have a “normal” childhood instead of acknowledging that he is stepping up appropriately for the situation was bad parenting, in my book.

    And one more thing.  Yes, we got lots of foreshadowing about the prior C-section.  Still, from a purely practical POV, it makes sense to risk the baby dying (and *possibly* Lori) by waiting to get back to Hershel/Carol ASAP to deal with a stillbirth rather than choosing to kill an adult (with no guarantees about the baby anyway).  Now there’s a noisy, helpless baby with no lactating female around.  I think the writers made some cultural/gender assumptions that aren’t necessarily born out in actual survival situations.  Although, having said that, it does fit with Lori’s character to have an idealized notion of “my baby, my baby” as opposed to thinking rationally about what makes sense for the safety of the group as a whole.  Still, Maggie has a good head on her shoulders and should have argued against the idiocy of slicing Lori open like that.  To me, that scene read like what a bunch of stereotypical male writers *think* women would do in the situation.

    • margaretpoa says:

       You’re right. When Lori started with the “save my baby” crap, I rolled my eyes and started surfing the guide. I know this is based on a comic but puh-lease. I guess it’s par for the course though. Over nine months into this and these people still haven’t learned the first rules about how to survive a zombie apocalypse, (Herschel stepping over a corpse with no head wounds for example). All that time they wasted on the farm when they could have been making it impregnable! Come on guys! Zombies can’t climb! Strong fences and no ground floor exits or windows in the house and you’re gold.

    • occula says:

       If she were thinking rationally about survival and the good of the group, she’d have taken those damned morning-after pills and thanked the good lord they were available. Come ON.

  11. Joe Skaggs says:

    Ok, I’m copying my Facebook update here: Dear Walking Dead Writers, fuck you, and I love you.

  12. L_Mariachi says:

    Sorry as I am to see T-Dog go, at least he’s finally free of the writers who obviously didn’t give a shit about him, judging by the NO LINES they gave him. “Good thing we didn’t do anything stupid, like shoot it” re: the walker falling in the well last season was about as good as they saw fit to give him.

  13. Chris Lee says:

    Goodnight, Sweet Theodore J. Dogg, esq. And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

  14. occula says:

     Not “Come ON, chgoliz,” of course. Come ON, woman pregnant in the first months after the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

  15. Lucas Powell says:

    Glad to see Lori go. Now how many people are going to die trying to get this baby some formula?

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